Monday, May 14, 2018

Inspired To Kill - TV Movie Review

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Everyone knows I love a good movie about writers. What you may not know is that I also love Lifetime movies. Now what do you think happens when you put those two things together? That's right. You get a very happy ME! So, I decided to pick one of the writer/Lifetime movies to discuss here today, and the winner is . . . Inspired to Kill. Get it? Inspired? Because writing! Also, someone is probably going to die. Let's do this.

Inspired To Kill is a 2017 TV movie about a woman named Kara, played by Karissa Lee Staples. After a personal tragedy, she decides to move far from home to get a fresh start and also pursue a career as a writer. When she arrives, she meets another woman named, Charlie, played Olivia D'Abo (YAY!), who rents Kara a room and gives her a job at her local coffee shop. Kara also meets a myriad of other people, ranging from a nice guy at work named Jason (Matthew Atkinson) to an obnoxious guy at work named Tony (Daniel Booko) to an extremely skeezy professor (Jay Pickett) who teaches her writing class . . . and who wants to teach her other things, apparently. Ick. So, yeah, things are a bit hit or miss with her in the 'new friends' department.

But then one day, by pure chance, she becomes acquainted with a handsome stranger and fellow writer named Paul, played by Antonio Sabato Jr. They immediately hit it off and begin spending all their time together, although, he remains an allusive mystery to all the people in Kara's life. Ironically, at the same time, people start dropping dead around her. Is it a coincidence or is it something more sinister and close to home? Now if there's one thing we've learned in the history of Lifetime movies, it is that we must always be suspicious of the mysterious, handsome stranger and keep him at a safe distance. (And yet, so many Loki fangirls in the world.) But is that answer too obvious? I don't know. I guess you'll have to watch it. Yeah, this is the hard part about reviewing a movie that has a mystery to it. You can only say so much.

I will say, speaking of the plot, I enjoyed the interesting twists, and, whilst variations on said twists may have been done before, I liked the way that they put the whole thing together. I know some people aren't wild about the often predictable conclusions of movies like this, but to be fair, they put in multiple predictable conclusions, so you're constantly going back and forth trying to figure out which one they're gonna use. At least, I was. And the one they chose, I was quite satisfied with.

Along with all that, I also liked the acting here. Everyone did a good job with the material and played their parts well. Obviously, as you can tell by the aforementioned "YAY!", I love me some Olivia D'Abo, and I was really impressed by the young leading lady, Karissa Lee Staples, who I had never seen in anything before, but now I'm kind of interested in seeing what else she can do. Oh, and if these two don't do another movie wherein they play sisters or something, I will be very upset. Because they look SO MUCH alike.

Inspired to Kill is pretty much everything you want in a Lifetime movie. It's fun and entertaining and a bit over the top at moments. But again, that's what we want. And it's about writers, which just adds another sprinkle of awesome. So, if you're into these kind of movies, this is definitely one you'll want to check out.

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

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