Monday, May 28, 2018

Don't Forget to Remember

Greetings Pups,

Happy Memorial Day!

I thought I would take this opportunity to very quickly say a few words about this holiday so we, myself included, don't take forget what it really means. I love the fact that this day has been set aside so we can be reminded to, not only remember those who have sacrificed themselves for the freedoms we enjoy, but also honor them. While I do hope that we all take some time to really do that, I know this day is filled with other things as well. Of course, I've seen all those memes about how it's not just about having a barbecue, which is true, but those celebrations, I think, can lend themselves to the more important meaning of the day.

Obviously, as I said, Memorial Day is when we remember those who have died in service of our country. As a strong supporter of our troops, I've always taken this day to do just that, more so than I usually do. But there is something else we can do, and this is where those gatherings with family and friends comes in. We really should take this day to celebrate the lives that we have and who is in them. By remembering those who are gone, we can remember to not take for granted that we are still here. One of the best ways to do that is by enjoying life, living it to the fullest and using every moment we have to make things around us better.

While I personally know a few people, family included, who have served in some branch of the military, I have never had to go through the pain of losing someone because of it. For those who have, I can't even imagine how hard this day must be for them. But I hope that, even as they let themselves grieve, they remember that they are still here to carry on the legacy and the memory of the ones they have lost and to embrace life all that they can. And I pray that their hearts are comforted today and always.

So, as we celebrate this day, I hope we can do it for many important reasons, by celebrating life, the ones of those that are gone and the ones that we still have.

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

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