Monday, April 30, 2018

National Poetry Month 2018 - A Wrap Up

Greetings Pups,

Well, it's the final day of April and, therefore, the final day of National Poetry Month. I know I've talked about this time of year on quite a few occasions, but I've never done a wrap up of how I, someone who loves, reads and of course, writes poetry, decided to spend this month that centers around it. For some people. Still, at the moment, I have nothing more interesting to share with you all, nor did I have time to go into anything too in depth, thanks to life things, as always. So, we're doing this.

One of the things I decided to do was partake in some poetry that was written by others. When you write your own, you can very easily get wrapped up in that and it may cause you to ignore the work of your fellow artists. So, I thought I'd read a couple of books. One was Blackbird Singing by Paul McCartney, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, and That Shining Place by Mark Van Doren, which may or may not have peeked my interest due to the connection to one of my favorite movies, Quiz Show. Go watch it and you'll find out. Another thing I did was visit social media and hit up some hashtags that had to do with poetry, so I could check out what others were posting this month. I must say, I am clearly not the only one to share my work a lot, and there are some decent poets out there. Nice to know that something edifying can spring from Twitter and whatnot.

Speaking of which, I took to my own Instagram to share some of my verses. Every day I did it, as a matter of fact. Here's hoping I didn't annoy anyone, but I did get quite a few likes and some more followers, so thumbs up on that, I suppose. And I must give some thanks for that to a lovely app called TextGram which I have certainly taken advantage of to make my plain little words look all nice and pretty. That's probably the closest I'll ever come to being a visual artist, but you never know.

Finally, I celebrated the month by doing what I do every day - writing. And I continued to work on my latest collection of poetry, polishing and editing and all that. Not to mention that I've been coming up with some song lyrics which are basically the same thing as poetry. Point is, I spent this April fulfilling my calling as a writer, and I think I came up with some decent stuff. Again, some people on the interwebs seem to think I'm not bad at all at this. Though, I still wait for the day when someone important notices me. And by "important", I mean someone with some influence, or possibly minions, who will see my stuff and like it and spread the word about it. I could use the help.

In closing, I enjoyed this go round with National Poetry Month, and I must say, it is nice to see that this whole thing is still being acknowledged. Realizing that there are some people in the world who still appreciate the somewhat archaic thing that I take part in. And remember, my fellow poets, if any of those who surround you turn up their nose and snidely ask why you write what you do, just show them that quote where Tom Hiddleston says he loves poetry, then ask them what THEY can do that a cute boy loves. Mic drop! No, wait. Quill drop!

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

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