Thursday, August 25, 2016

Top Ten Oasis Songs

Greetings Pups,

Even with things I've loved for a long time, I often forget just how much I do, in fact, love them. So, getting a reminder is a good thing, and that is exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago. It seems there is a new channel called MTV Classic, which takes the place of VH1 Classic. I guess the "classic" thing means that they might actually play some music. Surprise! They do. And I tell you, I would rather listen to the worst music from the 80's and 90's than anything you can find on MTV today. But let's not go too in depth on that. Point is, they actually played some good music for me a while back. Specifically, it was a concert. More specifically, it was Oasis: Unplugged.

This was a great concert. Although, it did cause some anxiety for me in the past. See, this was the concert where Liam Gallagher said he was sick and, therefore, would not be able to perform. Let's not get into the argument of whether or not he was actually sick or if he maybe just wanted to put his brother, Noel, into an awkward position where he had to sing lead, something he rarely did. I mean, all things considered, I think we know the answer. Or do we? Well, either way, it turns out that Noel did a fantastic job. It may have been the first of many moments in the past two decades that let us know who was running the show. Don't get me wrong. I think Liam was, and probably still is, talented, and he was certainly charismatic. He definitely managed to rope me in with, let's say...charm? But it's Noel who is the musical genius in the family. Sorry, I digress. Point is, the fact that he didn't perform for that show made me think he wouldn't be there when I saw them back in '98...when I was...five. Yeah, that's it. He was there, though, and it was an amazing show. Moving on.

Okay, let's get to the actual topic of this blog post. Seeing / listening to that old concert reminded me just how great Oasis was as a band. Heck, if you believed everything they said, you'd think they were the greatest band in the world. Maybe, maybe not. But, perhaps, that confidence was enough to convince people to listen and discover that they were really good. So, enough back story and whatnot. I'm about to share with you my personal favorites, my Top Ten Oasis Songs. Off we go.

#10. "The Importance of Being Idle" - Hey, Bruno Mars! This is how you write a song inspired by laziness. And while we're on the subject...Hey, Miley Cyrus! This is how you properly make a lyrical reference to the cocaines...rumor has it. I do not approve of such things. But I do approve of this song. It's darn good. And, little bonus, the video features Rhys Ifans, portraying kind of a crazy dude, but fun crazy. So, he's playing himself. I kid...sort of. Good times and much respect, sir. I loved you on Elementary!

#9. "Whatever" - This song was a B-Side for a single off of the Definitely Maybe album. I don't how it didn't make it ON the album, but...whatever! Ha! See what I did there? Seriously, though, I get a kick out of this song. AND it came out in 1994, a year before Clueless. Ya know, in case someone tries to tell you that Cher Horowitz coined the phrase.

#8. "Fade Away" - Another B-Side...technically, but let me clarify. I am referring to the acoustic version of "Fade Away" that was featured on a charity CD. Now, whilst I do like the original, I just found this stripped down performance so much better, and it did more to show off just how good the song is.

#7. "All Around The World" - This flippin' thing is almost ten minutes long. Just wanted to throw that out there. Now this song comes from the Be Here Now album, which was not exactly praised. I happen to like quite a few of the songs on it. Was it as good as its predecessor? Yeah, no. But it did give us this little epic gem. Also, we got some Dayton and Faris action for the Yellow Submarine inspired video. If you don't know who they are, away with you. If you don't know why they chose to be inspired by The Beatles for an Oasis video? Away with you and never come back.

#6. "The Masterplan" - Wow, I sure do like the songs that aren't considered good enough to make it to the album, don't I? Well, hang on now. Noel likes this one, too. In fact, he considers it one of his best, as do I. Apparently, he even said he regretted putting it out as a B-Side. At the time, the head of their label said it was "too good" for that, and apparently, his response was "Well, I don't write [crap] songs." OK, he didn't say "crap", but you get the picture. I guess he thought everything he wrote was too good for a B-Side. For most of what he writes, especially including this, I'll agree.

#5. "Little By Little" - I heard that this song was a bit controversial. Not due to lyrics, but the sound of the music. People seemed to be divided on whether this was just Oasis doing classic Oasis for a good reason or if they were just trying to sell records. My response to that is...who cares! The song is great, whatever the motivation might be. And I hate to bring up the video, once again, but this one featured Robert Carlyle as a tiny, little man. So, he was playing himself. I kid, once again. He might not be Hiddleston height, but he's a fine actor, a fine man and he always brings a smile to my face.

#4. "Champagne Supernova" - So, what's this song about? Nobody knows! Not even the band. Maybe Noel was on something when he wrote it. No, not him. But I don't need to know what it's about. All I know is that it's pretty cool. It also has a melodica on it. What more do you want?

#3. "Don't Look Back in Anger" - No, I don't know who Sally is. Stop asking me that. Anywho, this is easily the best song from (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, which is also, by the way, one of my favorite albums of all time. As you may have noticed, I like when the guys slow down a bit, so I can truly appreciate the brilliance of what has been written. This song is no exception. The melody is one of their bests, and, don't tell anyone, I love to sing this. Like, belt it, for real. I'm sure the neighbors don't mind.

#2. "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" - I know, I know. When you think inspirational power ballads, you think Oasis. OK, maybe you didn't before, but you might when you hear this. Look, I think that songs like this thrive on how simple they are, and I mean "simple" in the best way. Sometimes you don't need to be big to get the point across, and if nothing else, this song makes me feel something. And that is exactly what I want from the music I listen to.

#1. "Live Forever" - What a shocker! Yeah, I hate being too conventional, but I think this might be a lot of people's favorite Oasis song. And why not? It's superb. And, concerning the content, I heard that Noel wrote this during the time of grunge, when everyone was embracing the lifestyle of depression and being unhappy with life, even if they were doing so as a trend. His response, through this song, seemed to be "Why?" Believe it or not, he wanted to give those kids listening to the music some positivity. I can't argue with that. And it's just about perfect that he wrote this amazing song in order to do that.

And there you have it. My favorites from Oasis. Okay, truth time. I know that sometimes the shenanigans of the band members, particularly the Gallagher brothers, could overshadow what they were doing musically. But when you put all that aside, all the stuff that doesn't really matter, and just listen to those songs, just listen to the music, you will find something amazing. It all boils down to the fact that there was some talent here, and it should continue to be recognized and appreciated. Which is exactly what I do!

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Best Party In Town

Greetings Pups,

I am not what you would call a "party person", if that is even a thing that one can be called. See, I'm a bit of a loner, as we writers tend to be, and I don't do so well with the crowds and whatnot. And yet, I am so witty and delightful that I have no doubt I would be the life of any party that I happen to attend. Hashtag Humble. Seriously, though, I do enjoy making people laugh and being a bit clever if I can, but I'm still not a people person, ironically. At least, I'm not an "in person" people person. Yeah. However, I have a found a solution to this problem, thankfully.

As I may have mentioned, I do love a good classic movie very much. My favorite film of all time is, after all, The Ten Commandments. So, it should come as no surprise that I frequent a little channel known as Turner Classic Movies, or TCM, as it is well known. And also easier to type. Another thing I enjoy doing is live Tweeting / riffing as movies are being aired on television. Is there anything that can combine these two loves of mine? Oh, yes, indeed, there is.

A while back, I discovered a lovely Twitter account (so few of those left) known as TCM Party. It's a place where people can watch great old movies and Tweet about them together. Well, "together", but that's more than good enough for a lot of us. Now, they don't work for TCM, as their account description says. They are just a bunch of awesome people who enjoy classic movies. Clearly, I fit right in. Mostly, because I, too, am awesome, but also the other thing. So, every now and then, they choose a movie and lead us all on a live Tweeting session where we can share facts or make jokes or just share our love of wonderful films. It's actually become kind of a lovely community of sorts. But, alas, here's where things get crazy...ish.

It is true that the official TCM Party folks do this only for some movies. I mean, they can't be doing this 24/7, and that is certainly acceptable. However, many of us have taken, I don't like to use the word "hijack"...but yeah, we straight up hijack the TCM Party hashtag for pretty much any movie that is being shown on TCM. No lie. Go to Twitter. Search #TCMParty. Someone will probably be talking about whatever movie is currently playing on the channel. Now, I'm going to be an optimist and assume that they don't mind our doing this. After all, if you search that hashtag, you will be shown their account, and then, you will hopefully follow them. Good times.

You know, I understand that many people, including myself, feel like social media has actually made us less social in terms of human interaction. Still, it is nice and even comforting to find some like-minded people on the interwebs, especially if the thing you are like-minded about is something as benign as classic movies. Because, let's be honest, there could be worse things. And I love reading what people post about a film that brings a smile to my face, even more, when I can hopefully bring a smile to someone else's face. Not to get too deep, but you never know what kind of day a person might be having, and a silly little joke could brighten it up. So, it's worth it to me. And none of this would be possible without those fantastic people who started this whole TCM Party thing. It is, in my humble opinion, the best party in town.

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

End of Summer-ish Updates

Greetings Pups,

Aren't "update" posts reserved for people with more of an audience? Oh, well. My group of lovely followers may be small, but they deserve the best. And that, of course, is me. Kidding, but I do like to explain things when need be. Also, is it really "end of summer"? Who knows? Hence, the "ish". So, short and sweet today.

As some of you may have noticed, my postings have been sporadic at best and this has been going on for about a year now. Well, as always, life is a thing that keeps happening, for better or worse, and much has been pulling me away from my blogging duties as of late. In this case, I am currently tasked with finishing not one, but two books at the same time, and I have a book event in about a month, which I have to prepare for. So, I am actually busy right now, and it leaves me little time to write here.

And on top of all that, I may be selling my house soon. That's always fun...or not. Depending on the reason why one must sell a house, and in my case...yeah. Moving right along, before I depress everyone.

Don't get me wrong I love doing this blog. It's actually a fun kind kind of writing, which isn't always what I get to do. But the good news is that I do have a couple of posts stored away that I'll be putting up soon, just to have something on here for you all to read. And, as always, if I am allowed to go to the movies, I will do a review. We'll see about that one, though.

Anyway that's my explanation for why things continue to be so 'on and off' over here. Hopefully, once my books and book events and house complications are over with, I can get back to this blog in full force. Well, for a couple of months, because after that is NaNoWriMo. And then, I'll be super busy again! What! Life is not fair. But at least, I have you all in my corner. I hope.

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer