Thursday, November 26, 2015

Top Ten Thanksgiving Episodes

Greetings Pups,

So, as some of you may have noticed and as I promised, I have been pretty much out of commission where this blog is concerned. It's not really my fault, since I've come down with a serious case of NaNoWriMo...and also, life in general. But today is a day for giving thanks and, I think, giving back to those who love us and support us throughout the year. Since I consider anyone who so much as clicks on this site as someone who supports me, I wanted to give something to all of you. Something fun, I hope. Therefore, today, on this my most favorite of all the holidays, I will be sharing a list of my favorite Thanksgiving themed episodes of various TV shows.

I suppose the only rule for this list is that it they all had to be episodes pulled from a scripted series. So, nothing like The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or The Lawrence Welk Thanksgiving Special (apologies to my grandfather for omitting that one!). Other than that, everything is a contender. So, off we go.

Honorable Mention: Law & Order: Criminal Intent "The War at Home" - This is merely a mention, because it's not really a Thanksgiving episode in the traditional sense. And while I may be wrong, I believe this is one of the only, if not THE only holiday themed episode from the Law & Order franchise. And they chose Thanksgiving. Yay. Also, dramatic Fran Drescher. Indeed.

#10. Saved By the Bell: The College Years "A Thanksgiving Story" - I know, I know. I made it quite clear in a previous post that I do not understand why this show exists. However, Thanksgiving is a very nostalgic time for me, so my nostalgia goggles are on with this one. There's a plot about everyone wanting to get home for the holiday, especially Kelly who is very close with her family. Will she? Who knows? Who cares? We have celebrity cameos! Or should I say early 90's celebrity cameos, like Marsha Warfield, Brian Austin Green, Jenna Von Oy, Jonathan Brandis (R.I.P) and even Mr. Belding shows up. Oh, and also Marv Albert. But I think this was know...the thing happened. But whatever! Good times of my youth!

#9. Community "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations" - Here we have the newest of everything on the list. In this episode, we get to follow two story lines. One covers Jeff deciding to make a visit to his father, mostly through the "persuasion" of Britta, and he ends up getting more family than he thought. Meanwhile, Troy, Abed, Annie and Pierce attend Thanksgiving at Shirley's, but they soon regret that decision, leading to some hilarious attempts to escape...Shawshank style.

#8. Felicity "Thanksgiving" - Did I mention that I often wish my college experience would have been similar to that of Felicity Porter? Well, yeah, I do. Except for that weird fourth season time travel stuff. Mm-hmm. Anyway, through a series of crazy events, Felicity ends up making dinner for a boat load of her new friends, instead of going home. Nothing goes as planned, especially where Noel is concerned, but, in the end, we get a very heartwarming scene showing that, while she's far from her family, she just may have found a new one.

#7. Ally McBeal "Troubled Water" - You know it's gonna be a wild party when you gather the characters of Ally McBeal together. Add Ally's parents to the mix and the ante has been officially upped. Hoping for a nice, joyful Thanksgiving, Ally invites the whole gang over, but when secrets are revealed, things take a turn for the emotional, but also the even more hilarious. Yeah, what a treat we get with the sparring of Lucy Liu and Dyan Cannon. It's mag-nificent!

#6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air "Talking Turkey" - Ah, yes. The episode where we find out that Will's mother is as disgusted by the behavior of rich kids as the rest of us are. Excellent. So, she makes them all cook Thanksgiving dinner, which worries Carlton, as he has invited his English teacher to the meal. I'm sure everything will work out just fine. Truth.

#5. Friends "The One with the Football" - Friends has always managed to BRING IT hardcore when it comes to their Thanksgiving episodes, so I had a lot to choose from. We have the Rachel's trifle one, the Mocolate one, the Brad Pitt one, which, in hindsight, is even more hilarious. But I decided on this one. Mostly, because of The Geller Cup. I want The Geller Cup. It's been nearly 20 years, and I still want The Geller Cup. Also, I want the That Girl t-shirt that Phoebe is wearing.

#4. The Drew Carey Show "Mimi's Day Parade" - Is anything better than the conflicts of Drew Carey and Mimi Bobeck? The answer is no. Anyway, in this episode, Drew is tasked with organizing (at the last minute) a Thanksgiving Day Parade. Mimi agrees to give Drew some much needed help, if he lets her be the Snow Queen/Grand Marshall of the parade. Again, I'm sure this will all work out great.

#3. Family Ties "No Nukes is Good Nukes" - If you've ever watched so much as one episode of Family Ties, you may have noticed that Steven and Elyse Keaton are former hippies who wish they still were sometimes. And how do hippies want to spend Thanksgiving? Participating in a protest for nuclear disarmament, of course! This was a thing in the 80's, because of reasons. And don't quote me on this, but I think this may have inspired the plot of Superman 4: The Quest for Peace. And we all know how well that worked out. This episode is better though.

#2. ALF "Turkey in the Straw" - This made my list of Top Ten ALF Episodes, so I won't ramble. You can read that list yourself. In short, it's a two-parter where ALF befriends a homeless man, who may or my not have nefarious intentions. But, yet again, we are left with the most heartwarming of stories...that involves a wisecracking alien.

#1. Mama's Family "An Ill Wind" - Two words: Drunk Iola. I shouldn't have to go on, but I will. This also made a previous top ten list, and with good reason. I LOVE this episode. It's so funny and zany and action-packed. No, seriously, there's a tornado and everything. So, this episode is even better than Twister. Which is not difficult. But I love Mama and her family and I love Thanksgiving, so there you go.

And there are my Top Ten Thanksgiving Episodes. Now I must go back to fulfilling my task of writing 50,000 words this month...right after turkey. Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends or whomever. God bless and thank you!

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Inspiration Aspirations

Greetings Pups,

So, as you all know, I am a good week into my second year of NaNoWriMo. That would be why I'm not writing much on the blog, but I thought I should put a little something up. Between my NaNo novel and working on my poetry and songwriting simultaneously, I've been thinking about the things that inspire me. Well, things, places, people, you know. And I am reminded, yet again, that I get inspired by the most random things. Literally, anything can inspire me and I know that many writers would say that as well. But for some reason, I always like to think I'm weirder than everyone else. As you do.

And this is nothing new, mind you. I've always been writing about things that I probably know nothing about. Especially people. Specific people. Heck, I wrote a whole book based on that. I just never know when it's gonna hit me. Except for when I watch Nashville. It's probably going to hit when I watch Nashville. I have proof of that, since I've written poems based on multiple characters from that show. Two of which are in my latest book, The Heartening Voice, available now on Amazon. Yeah, you just saw that.

My point is that, yet again, with my NaNo novel, the strange inspirations are coming into play again. This time, it was a house I saw on a real estate website. One look at it and I knew that it was where my main character was going to live. And I'm describing in a very detailed way, which means that if someone buys that house and then buys this book, should it get published, they're gonna feel creeped out. So, apologies, but there's the weirdness for you. Therefore, if I have one inspiration aspiration, it is that they become at least a little more normal.

Or not.

Yeah, as you can tell, I'm channeling all my super good writing into the NaNo...and the poetry...and the songwriting. At least, for this month. Again, apologies. But it's something. And I'll return with more reviews and Top Ten lists once this thing is over. Oh, wait. End of the year, Top Ten list. It's almost time for me to listen to all the crappy music that came out this year. Oh, joy. (We'll call that little statement a trailer for my Worst Of/Best Of 2015 Hit Songs Lists! Coming soon!)

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer