Monday, April 9, 2012

It Was Only 33 Years

Greetings Pups,

So Easter is finally over. I knew it was Easter, not because I had dreams of being attacked by Peeps, but because I was bombarded with every Jesus movie imaginable. Well, those and The Ten Commandments, but that one is a bit off subject.

I'll admit, I did watch a few of them, and, as usual, the same question came to my mind that always does when I watch "Biblical" movies. That question would be, "Hey, what are all those white people doing in the Middle East?" Now I never relied on Hollywood to be historically accurate in any way, but is it really that hard to open the Bible for a second and get at least somewhat of a description of what Jesus looked like? Or, if they are afraid of getting burned by doing that, a map could also be helpful.

Now I have seen many Jesus movies, and while most of the actors did good jobs, I look at the list and something seems off. Jeffrey Hunter, Max Von Sydow, Willem Defoe, Victor Garber, Christian Bale (Yeah, Batman!) Jeremy Sisto (Yeah, the guy from Clueless!), they've all played Jesus and I just don't get it. Forgive me for not knowing exact passages, but I do recall reading in the Bible where Jesus was described as being not all that good looking, but he had a strong body, what with being a carpenter before they had machines to do the work, and, like I said, he came from an area around the Middle East. So he was not some pretty, skinny, light haired, light eyed, light skinned man. With that Biblical description, I think, as far as with the Jesus movies I've seen, I'd say who got it closest was Jim Caviezel in The Passion of the Christ. While I will say he was a little too good looking in the face, at least, he was a little olive skinned and looked strong. Sounds good to me. But I still think we can do better.

So I have had people (Yes, white people) ask me that if I don't think Jesus was white, do I think he was black? Sigh. No, I do not think he was black, but I sure am not foolish enough to think he was white. Like I said, think about where he was from and then look at a map, look at what the people who live in those places look like. Not that hard.

Now even though I made it the subject today, I have one more question - "What does it matter?" Seriously. Jesus has been around forever, and he will be around forever. He was only on this Earth as a human for thirty-three years. Not a long time. So why does everyone focus on that? Why do people fight and hate and kill each other over something that was as fleeting as a flash of lighting?

I just pray that people can realize that Jesus goes beyond race and appearance. The only color we should be concerned with is the red of the blood he shed for us. That was his gift to us and that is for what we should be grateful to him. That is what should compel us to follow him. It certainly has worked for me.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer