Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roses and Bruises

Greetings Pups,

Where do I begin? As I've mentioned, in addition to my real work as a writer, I also am forced to retain employment with the commoners. Recently at that job, things have been changing and not for the better. And here I thought it couldn't get worse.

Long story short. The business, which used to be owned by a lovely (sarcasm) little family, has now been taken over a fabulous (parenthetical repeat) corporation. And, like their predeceessor, the big corporation is already spouting the bull about how much they care about their employees. I didn't fall for it before; I won't fall for it now.

They even stuck us in a two hour+ meeting to remind us how good they're going to treat us, benefits and whatnot. Right. I'm listening to this crap while I have, sitting behind me, a man who has treated me like complete sludge for all the years I've worked there. A man who not only did they hire back after he and his family were forced out, but who got a promotion. Yeah, they LOVE me at this place.

The sad thing is I worry that the lemmings that surround me are falling for all of this. Don't get me wrong. I know a few people with some brains there who are keeping their guards up, but most, MOST, do not fit that description.

As I sat there, listening, trying not to fall asleep or spring up and curse somebody out, I realized something. My time at this place of employment has been not unlike an abusive relationship. Oh, sure, the man will bring me roses, but that's only after he beat me that day and before he continues to do it everyday as long as I stay with him. So these people show us the big picture of the benefits, but they ignore what goes on every single day. The abuse that has to be endured by myself and every person who actually does any work is sweppt so far under the rug it may never be found. Or so they think. Roses can't erase bruises, but roses have thorns. Sharp thorns, like knives.

I've seen women abused by men, often rich men, and then those ladies sometimes end up dead. I won't mention names, but I do remember the nineties. I can just imagine the kinds of things this man might say. "Here's a smack. Here's a new car. Here's a shove. Here's a diamond ring. Here's a slice across your throat." I guess after that one, there can be no more gifts given.

Nothing, NOTHING! is worth my life or my self respect. I won't sell my soul for a cheap trip to the dentist. And they may think they've won, but I'm not going to let them slit my throat first. You reap what you sow, and if you sow with the blood of others, guess what happens?

You may wonder why I'm still there. Well, it's no really up to me. And I've tried to get other jobs, but not many people will see a movie that gets a bad review. So, in the meantime, I'll have to deal with it. But, them again, it will just make my victory that much sweeter. Because I have no doubts that I will win.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It Figures

Greeting Pups,

While recently watching some new installments of VH1's Behind the Music, I was reminded of one of the worst things that can happen to a writer, in my opinion. Funny enough, many people would probably believe that it would be a good thing, but you have to look at it from every angle.

Now I wear multiple hats in the writing world. I'm a novelist, a poet, a songwriter, etc. The hope of most writers is to be able to make a living at using our gift. Just a living. Some of us don't even care if we get super rich. I'm sure. But, in the back of all of our minds, we harbor these fantasies of someone important being impressed by what we do. And when I say important, I mean, famous.

I am happy to admit it. I have these grand illusions as well. I'd love to have some celebrity come up to me and tell me they love my books. Well, anyone but Kathy Bates, of course. That might be too weird and scary. Or to have some popular singer say they want to record one of my songs would be wonderful. However, based on my life experiences, I know that the odds would let that happen, and they would let the famous person be someone . . . who I cannot stand.

Can you imagine? I can. I'd be sitting in my house and the phone would ring. I'd pick it up and be told that somebody "important" wants to sing one of my songs. Great, I'd think. Initially. Who? Oh, just some annoying, psychotic, whiny-voiced country singer (who shall remain nameless). Pass.

Or maybe it would be that some award winning actor wants to make one of my books into a movie so he could bring one of my characters to life. Great, again. And we'll get started on the film as soon as he is finished with another God-bashing rant. Pass, again.

I certainly hope that my life would never get to a point where I would compromise myself for money or fame. What does it profit a man to gain a fortune but lose his soul? Very little. So I pray that, when the phone starts ringing, the only people on the other line will be respectable and respectful ones that will make me proud to be in this family of artists.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Top Ten Law and Order: Criminal Intent Episodes

Greetings Pups,

It's been two weeks since the final episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Now there was no episode on last week and there will be no episode on tonight. So, I'm starting to think they were serious about this show going off the air. Well, so be it. I should have known. Two things proved that this show is over. One: they had a montage in that final episode. Two: I made my top ten episode list. Teardrops are falling.

This was difficult. This show was and is amazing, and we had so many great adventures with Detectives Bobby Goren and Alex Eames and all the other people. It was so hard to only pick ten, so maybe I'll do an honorable mention list someday. Until then, here are the winners.

#10. "The Faithful"(Season 1) - Here is where we first see the depths of Goren's theatricality when it comes to the interrogation room. He is the only person I think we would let get away with having that much fun with a schizophrenic, homeless guy. I'm not saying it's right; I'm just saying it's entertaining. And the donuts!? Talk about a nice blast from the past for D'Onofrio. What do you mean what do I mean? Go watch Full Metal Jacket!

#9. "Eosphoros"(Season 4) - No, I never tried to find out what that title means, but I'm sure it's relevant. For real, though, I did actually do a little research. Turns out that in Greek mythology, Eosphorus (spelled differently, but I think it's the same) is the Morning Star, which is what we also call Lucifer. Yes, there might just be a religious angle to this one. Anyway, this is a "ripped from the headlines" episode about a famous, old lady atheist who gets kidnapped and murdered. As someone who does believe in God, I venture to think she may have changed her mind about Him after the fact. Oh, and also, Frank Whaley was pretty enjoyable in this as one of the guest stars.

#8. "Untethered"(Season 7) - Over the years, many people believed that Goren should have been put away in some kind of facility for those who aren't exactly right in the mind. Because of...reasons. Well, this time, he put himself there. His intentions were noble, though, as he was trying to help out his nephew. Too bad it just made the people he worked for think he actually was crazy. Yep, it took them about seven years, SEVEN!, to figure out that he was maybe a little out of the ordinary. Don't know if I want those people in charge of the police department. In my opinion, as someone who also likes to think outside the box, strange, eccentric, even crazy is always better than dumb.

#7. "Rispetto"(Season 10) - This episode was alright, but the fact that it was the first one with Goren and Eames after over a year without them, I had to mention it. And Jay Mohr did a great job playing Charlie Sheen. No, wait! I mean, he did a great job playing a drug addict celebrity who goes insane...who is totally not Charlie all. Okay, my lawyer says I've done enough. Still... P.S. No one makes a prank phone call like Goren.

#6. "Family Values"(Season 8) - Normally, I hate anything coming out of TV or movies where a "Christian" is made to look like a psycho, but there was an actor in this episode named David Harbour who made me change my mind a bit. I know I've seen him on other episodes of this and other Law and Orders, but he was incredible here. I wasn't sure if I wanted to punch him because his character infuriated me so much or say "Hey, you should get an Emmy for this, buddy!" How about both, just for fun?

#5. "In the Wee Small Hours"(Season 5) - This is one of only a few two part episodes in the series, maybe the only one, so they had to use both the teams of Goren and Eames as well as Logan and Barek from the "other" Criminal Intent. If you're a fan, you know what I mean. All of them together made it exceptionally good, and we were reminded of what a mama's boy Goren is. Not that there's anything wrong with a single man at that age being one. Seriously, though, he's just very, very protective of her, as any good son should be. Besides all that, this episode also feature a cameo by someone from my number one episode. Stay tuned.

#4. "The Unblinking Eye"(Season 4)/"Self-Made"(Season 7) - I had to make it a tie on this one, mainly because the reason they are so good is due to an actor who is in both of them. They feature a guy named Pablo Schreiber (yes, Liev Schreiber's little bro!) who played two totally different characters. But he did both of them so well that he practically stole the show, or should I say shows. Plus, I think he was the only person ever to guest star who is taller than Vincent D'Onofrio! I know it's not much, but congratulations to him. Oh, and there's also apparently an off-screen voice cameo by Matt Damon. No lie. The first episode is about actors; the second episode is about writers. So, if I had to pick which one is better than the other, I'd go with number two, because I'm a writer and narcissist. So, there you go.

#3. "Frame"(Season 7) - Where do I begin with this episode? We start with Goren's brother biting it, then we finally become rid of his ultimate nemesis Nicole Wallace, or as I call her MoriAdler. What? People compare Goren to Sherlock Holmes all the time, and Nicole Wallace is clearly a combo of Moriarty and Irene Adler. Hence, the nickname. And then, we have Tony award winner John Glover, playing what seems to be a polar opposite of the Smallville character for which he has become best known. It seems that clothes really do make the man. And of course, we get a little crazy from Goren. Need I say more.

#2. "End Game"(Season 6) - While investigating a murderer of the past, Goren manages to dig up a few disturbing secrets from his own past. We have here the beautiful Rita Moreno returning for her final performance as Goren's mother, and Roy Scheider as the jailed serial killer. And, no, he was not imprisoned for killing a lot of sharks. That's right. Jaws humor for one and all. Can it get any better than this? Well, I guess so. This is only number two.

#1. "Sound Bodies"(Season 3) - I won't go into huge detail here, but this episode is the best because of one fine young actor who I'm sure not enough people know about, and one scene that will go down in Law and Order history. The actor is named Billy Lush who I have seen in several different roles, including my number five pick on this list, but this is his best moment. Long story short, and not to give anything away about the plot, he has to make a little trip to the interrogation room. A lot of people do; it doesn't mean they're guilty of anything. Whie he's there, as usual, Goren starts pushing buttons. Most people would back down from him at this point, and I thought this kid was going to do it. But he did not. He did not, big time. What he did was slap Goren right across the face! He slapped Vincent D'Onofrio! And he lived to tell about it. Not many people can say that. And not many people will ever forget Goren's response to that infamous slap. His response, you may ask? One word: "Ouch!" Genius!!

So there it is. It's all over. I'm sad, but thanks to reruns and DVD, this wonderful show will last forever. I certainly will miss all the great actors and the characters that they brought to life, especially my beloved Bobby Goren, who, I am convinced, is my soulmate in some parallel universe. Anyway, I just hope that now Vincent D'Onofrio will have time to make some more great movies for us all to enjoy. And if he gets bored with that and wants to return to TV, there's always SVU.

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Women : One Villain, One Hero

Greetings Pups,

So,like most people, I am still trying to get over the Casey Anthony verdict. As much as I know our legal system is flawed, sometimes things happen to make me believe we should scrap the whole thing and start over. This is one of those things. Technically, I understand reasonable doubt, but realistically, I do not understand it. I know that jurors are supposed to make decisions based on evidence alone, but, if human emotion is not supposed to be involved, why do they have human beings on juries?

Now I know some people are falling for this "It was an accident" story that she cooked up, but a real accident is not something that needs to be covered up. And guilty or not, she knew her daughter was missing when she went partying in the days that followed, and she knew her daughter was dead when she and her sympathizers popped champagne and cheered a few days ago. I'll say it again. A baby, her baby, is dead. Relief is expected, maybe even acceptable; celebration is not.

It makes me think about life decisions. If, in fact, Caylee (sorry, I can't say her daughter anymore, since she wasn't really a mother.) did drown by accident, and Casey told someone, we would have all felt a world of sympathy for her. Accidents do happen. But, as she claims, she made another choice. And since Caylee was about two when she died, if Casey would have killed her two and a half years earlier, most people would have told her she made a good decision. Most people from a West Coast state who have plenty of money, notoriety and attention and who are now condemning the verdict and what they believe she did. I say anytime for this little girl to be murdered would be wrong and a horrible occurrence.

But, as I hate to only discuss the bad, I will give out some good news about a much better woman.

I heard that in the coming days a Diane Sawyer interview with Jaycee Dugard will air. Frankly, I can't wait for that. Now, of course, I don't really want to hear all the terrible details of what she went through, but I'm sure that the more we learn, the more of a hero this brave woman will become.

It's so wonderful to see how a little girl who had to endure such a horror of an ordeal can come out of it as a beautiful, strong person. And now that she is letting the media into her life, I hope she gets as much as she can out of it financially. I know that money can't heal those wounds, but any little thing that can make her life easier, I'm all for it. I hope God blesses her and her family greatly.

Now I'm sure that both of these stories will turn into movies. Of course, like I said, I hope that Jaycee can cash in, big time. On the other hand, I pray that for once - FOR ONCE!!!! - Hollywood does the right thing when it comes to Casey Anthony. By that, I mean, I hope they do some kind of unauthorized thing without her cooperation whatsoever. Then they don't have to pay her. It all makes me think that the Son of Sam laws should be updated.

Anyway, in this crazy world, good thing happen and bad things happen. All we can do is pray that the good will somehow be able to outweigh the bad. And we all know that there is only one way for that to happen.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Legacy of Insanity

Greetings Pups,

I was reminded that today is the fortieth anniversary if Jim Morrison's death. Ironic, since just the other night I watched a documentary about one of their albums. That made me remember how talented he was. And bizarre.

Now I love the Doors and Jim. As a poet, I love anyone who has walked that same road that I do everyday. Let's be honest, though, the guy could be a little strange, maybe even insane at times. But if I think about it, he's not alone.

I've always felt like all of us artists are part of one big and very extended family. If asked if I think insanity runs in my family, I would say, as Cary Grant did in one of his best movies when asked that question, "It practically gallops." We have so many people who have been considered crazy in our community, it's almost frightening. Frightening, because I'm one of them, and I often wonder if I have inherited this legacy of insanity. Believe me, on many occasions, I have had to ask myself if I'm crazy. I rarely answer because of what that answer might be.

But as I go deeper into this, I can calm down. I've realized over time that, while I'm sure we have legitimate crazies in our midst, most of us are just misunderstood by people in the outside world. We're just special. And, not to be arrogant, but I think a lot of those people wish they could be like us, but they're not. So they have to think we're something that is often considered bad. Something like insane.
Still, I don;t worry, because it's a good thing we have a lot of supporters out there, too.

So, even if we seem crazy, as long as we can create interesting, strange, scary, beautiful things, everything is right where it should be. Thank God for that.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer