Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Jeff

Greetings Pups,

So it seems that tomorrow is Memorial Day. Ironically, today is a day when I always remember a particular person. Sadly, I am reminded of him because of his death. That person is Jeff Buckley.

Unfortunately, I don't think many people know who he is. Certainly, not enough. He has been heard of in passing, I'm sure, and I know a lot of people who claim that they are fans because they have his cover of "Hallelujah" on their ipod. I, however, was so entranced by him that I learned as much as I could. Now I could sit here and list a bunch of facts about him, but that is not what he was about.

Jeff Buckley was all about a feeling. The feeling you get from his music, his words, his voice could overwhelm any person with a soul that appreciates art. He had such a story, such a life, and all of it could be known in one note from his mouth. I've heard him speak with that voice as well as sing, and it always sounded so soft and gentle, which was always the kind of man he appeared to be as well. It was as though he wanted to save that voice for each song. He didn't want to let us down. And he never did.

As inspiring as his life was, his death was just as tragic. I remember it well. And somehow drowning in the Misssissippi River almost seems drenched in some mythological cliche of the rock legend that he has become. A source of another writer's inspiration becoming his funeral bed is almost too much to handle. But isn't the death of someone like this always that way? I know I still cry when I think about him dying. Thankfully, he was so full of life when he was still living it and sharing it that thoughts of his death manage to be held at bay when I listen to him sing.

I could go on for so long about him, but all anyone needs to know about him they can find in his music. So if you haven't yet, find it, listen to it, REALLY listen to it, then all will be clear. And you can all mourn along with me. It's a good thing, though, that, in this case, along with the mourning comes quite a bit of joy.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Monday, May 16, 2011

Top Ten Smallville Episodes

Greetings Pups,

So the weekend is over, and I have spent the last couple of days recovering from what happened on Friday night. It was a very bittersweet event, also known as the last episode of Smallville. I was not disappointed, mostly, because one of the great loves of my life, Lex Luthor, returned after a three year absence. But I thought it was a good ending, bringing together everything, and moving us on into the future that we knew we would get to from our past Superman experiences. A very good episode, getting honorable mention, though not exactly making my personal top ten. Those ones, which were difficult to choose, I will share right now.

#10. "Red" (Season 2) - When it comes to this show, I have always been more of a Lex girl than a Clark girl. See, Clark is a good guy, which sometimes can translate into boring. Sorry. So there are moments of watching the show when we are at the Kent farm, where I yawn and think "Can we please go back to the Luthor mansion where something interesting might be happening?" In this episode, however, we are introduced to red Kryptonite, which doesn't hurt Clark or take his powers, but simply takes a way his inhibitions. In other words, it turns him into an awesomely awesome bad boy. So, after this episode, instead of requesting a change of scene venue, I could just ask for some red Kryptonite to spice things up.

#9. "Rosetta" (Season 2) - When most of us think of Superman and his legacy, our minds immediately go to Christopher Reeve. So I had to have this episode on my list. Here, Mr. Reeve is introduced as Dr. Virgil Swann, a scientist who somehow knows more about Clark's origins than anyone. The two meet and the doctor tells Clark many of the things he always wanted to know about himself, including, I think, his real name. Even though Christopher Reeve died a few years later after one more appearance, this character plays a huge part in years that followed. So it was an excellant introduction. And if you get the DVD, give this one a whirl with the commentary going. Oh, my poor, sweet Kristin Kreuk. Those boys barely let you get a word in! But we still love you.

#8. "Labyrinth" (Season 6) - I usually hate when shows steal ideas from other shows, which is what kind of happened here. Still, it's so good, it must be counted. Clark is locked in a mental institution having everyone tell him he is not a hero, but crazy. (Hello! Buffy, season six, "Normal Again". I guess James Marsters wasn't the only thing Smallville snatched up.) Anyway, he escapes, only to find the world outside is way lopsided. His mother is married to Lionel Luthor, Lana is living at the farm and in love with Clark, and, the best part, Lex pulls a Lt. Dan being in a wheel chair with no legs and blaming Clark for it! Only Chloe believes Clark's "delusions", but she's nuts, too. Another good thing here is that we meet the Martian Manhunter for the first time, and he is a big help in setting everything straight again.

#7. "Pilot" (Season 1, Duh!) - I had to mention this one. It was an amazing opening to such a great show. The effects and the story were both extremely well done, not to mention the actors. And, of course, we have the iconic meeting of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, which leads them to being best friends, then best enemies with best frenemies in between. Such good frenemies, in fact, that I'm surprised Gossip Girl wasn't a spinoff of this show.

#6. "Absolute Justice" (Season 9) - I can't believe I have an epsiode that doesn't include Lex, but it was so good, I had to do it, for a lot of reasons, but mainly one - Hawkman! But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is actually something of a two part episode, which is why I think it's the only one that has a two word title. Anyway, we get to meet some new superhereos, Hawkman, as I mentioned, (played by the amazing Michael Shanks)Stargirl, Dr. Fate, and a little villian called Icicle (this one led to the problem of bad jokes like, "I'm gonna turn that icicle into slush". No, thank you.) But it was very interesting as we learned of the Justice Society, which is like the Justice League but not quite, in a silent montage as we go through their home/headquarters. As a writer, I really love this episode, because the story is absolutely brilliant.

#5. "Arctic" (Season 7) - This is actually considered somewhat of a final episode for me, because it is the last one featuring Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. It culminates with a standoff between Lex and Clark in the Fortress of Solitude of all places. Lex now knows everything about Clark and accuses him of not being a good friend because he didn't trust him enough to tell him the truth. In fact, he thinks Clark is a danger to the whole world and believes that he can save everyone by destroying his one time best friend and, in a way, brother. It gives us a good taste of what would become of them in the future.

#4. "Truth" (Season 3) - I like episodes where someone other than the MAIN main characters gets center stage. In this case, it's Chloe, one of Clark's best friends who wants to be more. After a trip to a Luthor Corp facility, she is infected with something green(I wonder), and when she asks people questions, they are forced to tell her the truth, a dream come true for a reporter. She exposes a teacher's criminal past, the fact that Lex wants his father to love him, and that Lionel Luthor killed his parents. She thinks these things are good info, but it leads to trouble. Trouble out of which, ultimately, Clark has to get her. Hats off to my girl Allison Mack for her work in this one.

#3. "Spirit" (Season 4) - End of high school means graduation and, of course, prom, which brings in girls obsessed with being prom queen. This is no different in Smallville. We have a girl who really, REALLY wants to be queen, but she dies. This doesn't change things, because her spirit still wants that crown. She hops from body to body with that goal in mind. She even possesses Martha Kent, which gives us one of the funniest scenes in the shows history.

#2. "Transference" (Season 4) - Again, I hate thievery (Buffy, season 4, "Who Are You?"). However, this one was done so well, it had to be included. Lionel Luthor is in jail, and, with the help of some magical device, he wants to switch bodies with Lex, his own son, who put him there. Through a series of misteps, it is Clark who does the switch. Now what happens is what one would expect. Lionel discovers and enjoys all of Clark's powers, and Clark finds out some devastating info about Lionel. I must say, though, what makes this episode so great are the performances of Tom Welling and John Glover. Both of them absolutley nailed each other's mannerisms and speech. They were both phenomenal. Pay special attention to a scene between Martha and who she thinks is Clark, remembering that Lionel has always had a thing for her. A little creepy, but also hilarious.

#1. "Shattered" (Season 3) - There are many movies that make me not trust/hate the Oscars. This, my favorite episode, is one that makes me not trust/hate the Emmys. It has the most amazing performance by Michael Rosenbaum, and considering what a great actor he is, that is saying a lot. In a perfect world, he would have seven Emmys for each of his years on Smallville, but there you go. Here, Lex Luthor begins to behave in a way that makes many people question his sanity. Ultimately, after witnessing Clark using his powers and trying to convince people of what he saw, his father has him committed. The final scenes are breathtaking and, yes, Emmy worthy, for both Rosenbaum and John Glover. But I guess the best they will get is a top spot on my list. I hope they appreciate it.

And so, after ten years, this show has come to an end. It was interesting and entertaining and, despite what people may say about "shows like this", it showcased some of the finest actors and writers to ever be involved in television. Let's all pray for a spinoff. I'm hoping for a little Superman/Batman something in our future. Fingers and capes crossed.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Monday, May 9, 2011

Try a Little Harder

Greetings Pups,

As I mentioned before, in addition to my real work, I also have a job that lets me pass myself off as one of the commoners. And, of that job, I have merely a precious few good things to say. Very well. I can say nothing good about it. Many people may call me ungrateful for the job I have, but that's not entirely true. I do thank God for all the things He gives me, the good and the bad, because I know there is a purpose behind it all. So I'm certain that His putting me in a place where I am so remarkably mistreated is going to bring about something good. I certainly write much about it, which is what I will do now, by sharing a fun, little incident.

A few days ago, I received my paycheck, if it can be called that. Yet again, I was not paid for the work I did. Now I don't mean that to say they don't pay me by the hour what I should be making, although, that is true. No, there was money missing from the check, and, as you may have gathered, it is not the first time.

Should I be shocked by this turn of events? No, not at all. These people hate me. And why not? The world is replete with inhabitants who are so insecure that they despise those who are above them in the ways that are important. Despite how it may appear under present circumstances, my assigned rung on the ladder is at penthouse level while theirs is sub-basement.

I must say, though, it's not the crime itself that troubles me. It is the manner in which it is carried out that gives me problems. How can anyone be so sloppy? Honestly, it's sad, almost. Pathetic, really. And to be so uncreative? As an artist, I take much offense to that. If you are going to do something like this TO ME, please, just spice it up a little. Give me something to which I can respond. I just want to point my finger at these people and say, "Come on now! You are so embarrassing! YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO EVERYONE!"

But these people aren't going to change until someone makes them do it. Unfortunately, for them, I have better things to do. Now I always say that the worst mistake anyone can make is to choose to have me for an enemy. I believe that, but, one day, they are going to cross the wrong person. By "wrong person" I mean someone just like me who doesn't not have the Lord pulling back on her reins. My pen is my weapon, but other people have ones that are sharper.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Friday, May 6, 2011

Some People

Greetings Pups,

I recently saw a DVD of one of Tyler Perry's plays, Madea's Big Happy Family. The play, not the movie. Now anyone who is an admirer of Mr. Perry's knows that his plays are usually longer than his movies, and they contain a lot more dialogue. As a writer, I appreciate that. Also, many times in the plays people, okay, HE goes off script. That's fine, because that is when the real wisdom starts shining through, and if you listen, you can learn a lot.

Now "some people" are major haters of Mr. Perry. I'm not going to mention names, because I won't sink to their level this time. But they know who they are. Particularly, one little man with a great big mouth knows who he is, but we're not going to be rude. Right?

"Some people" seem to think that Mr. Perry is making everyone in his race look like a fool, because he writes funny things for them to say. "Some people" seem to think that, because he doesn't want to pretend that certain types of people don't exist, he thinks they are all the same and a shame. And "some people" seem to think that because he points out the problems AND gives a solution, then he is the worst kind of man that he could ever be.

Well, let me tell you something. "Some people" need to put the shut to the up! - (Madea-ism!)

Look, I am tired of everyone complaining about everything that's wrong in society and making movies about all those things and never even trying to offer up any solution. It's like they need something about which to complain, or they just shrivel up and die. They're always whining about how the world owes them so much because of where they grew up or what their parents did or didn't do. No mention of hard work and changiing your life for the better for yourself. Listen up. The world doesn't owe any of us anything and neither does God. He never owed us what He chose to give us, but He did it anyway. Mr. Perry know this, but I guess "some people" don't.

I'll say this, and it's only my opinion. But I bet that the ones who criticizes him the most are the ones who haven't even bothered to watch and listen to any of the work that this man has done. If they had, they would never criticize someone who tells people, whatever color they may be, to pull up their pants and get a real job, and don't sell dope, and take care of their children, and have respect for their elders, and keep God first in their life, and never, ever give up on their dreams. Now how is anyone going to say that a man who says these things, either in a serious way or a humorous way, is a man who is bringing down his entire race. They shouldn't, and that's my point.

I don't know. Maybe "some people" need everything and everyone to be a mess, selling dope and abandoning their children and disrespecting everyone, because, otherwise, they wouldn't have anything about which to make movies!

So, like I said, I won't mention the names of anyone I was talking about here. I'll just say Mr. Perry's name, because, whether what he does is your thing or not, you have to respect a man who wants to use all of his blessings to bless others any way he can. And, because of that, I'm certain that God will continue to bless him. I can't think of many people who deserve that more.

And if my "some people" bit got annoying, imagine how "some people" make me feel.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer