Thursday, January 20, 2011

By Faith

Greetings Pups,

Has anyone ever heard a doctor or a scientist of some sort on TV being asked if he believes in miracles? The basic response tends to be something like, "I'm a man of science; I don't believe in miracles". It's as though they think God and science are exact opposites.

On the other hand, I've seen many people of science spending their careers trying to prove that things like miracles or stories from the Bible are real. I suppose that's fine, if that's your cup of tea, but this kind of thing has always bothered me.

Call me crazy, and most people would, but I choose to believe the Bible and what's in it, just because. It's that faith thing you're always hearing about. I don't really need tangible proof to believe that God exists. All of that just seems like it's for people whose faith is weak. And on top of that, the scientists always use the strangest examples.

I could go down a long list of those, but I choose to use my favorite example, which could be brought on by the fact that my favorite movie is The Ten Commandments. Everyone has always been trying to come up with explanations for the plagues. They're valid, but I've never heard of plagues being so specific as to when they appear and disappear. No, I've never heard lice say to frogs, "Move along, boys, it's our turn." And I have never heard the Angel of Death say to darkness over Egypt, "Step off. It's time for the finale." Sorry, I just haven't.

And apparently, it's pretty windy around the Red Sea. So much,that all the water can be blown up, the ground under the water can dry, so that all the freed slaves can cross. Oh, but it's only that windy for the amount of people in that group. It must have been a coincidence that when the Pharoah's boys headed in, the wind got super tired and let the water fall back down. Oops!

And, of course, we have the burning bush. They say that some plants in that part of the world have some kind of oil in them that makes them burst into flames but not burn up. Okay, makes sense. And what plants have something in them to make them talk to people. Moses lived in a really hot area, so things on fire probably didn't concern him too much. The talking thing, though. Yesh, I think that's what might have freaked him out more.

Look, I don't know why we can't just take God on His word. He's never lied to us, and He never will. It's called faith, people. Try it some time.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For Maurice

Greetings Pups,

I wanted my first blog of the year to be about something special and important. Few things are more special and important than paying tribute to someone whom I have greatly admired and whom I miss dearly. That person would be Maurice Gibb and today is the day he passed away, eight years ago.

Most people know Maurice Gibb as one third of the Bee Gees, and I'm sure he was always very proud to be that. But, sadly, I think he was the one that people knew the least about, especially if they weren't followers the way I had always been. While it seems that throughout the career of the Bee Gees, it was Barry and Robin who were the focal points, Maurice's contributions were undeniable and incomparable.

I hate to use the word "genius" on anyone after I've seen what can happen to the recipients, but if I was going to call one of them a genius, it would be him. Though his steps up to the mic as a soloist were few and far between, Maurice's musical abilities, vocally and instrumentally, were amazing. I wish more people gave him the credit he deserved,

On a more personal note, I think he was, to put it simply, a gret guy. Of course, he had some issues and problems in his life, as we all do, but as far as I can see everyone who knew him, loved him. He had a beuatiful wife and wonderful kids who grew up to be extremely talented as well, carrying on his passions for life and music. And, no doubt, he is greatly missed by his brothers, who will continue on while misssing a part of themselves.

I am always saddened by the fact that I never got to meet him and thank him for being such an inspiration to me. As a writer and as a person. Maurice Gibb and his family taught me that, if you are meant to do something, never give up on it, no matter what. And, though it is difficult at times, I never have. I never will.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer