Sunday, December 4, 2011

When You've Got Nothing Left but God . . .

Greetings Pups,

It's been a while.

I've been thinking a lot lately about a certain man. A man from the Bible named Job. If you don't know about him, I'll give you a summary.

Job was a guy who was uber-faithful to God, and, as He always promised, God blessed him thoroughly. Now the Devil visited God one day and said, "Of course, Job is faithful. You've given him everything. Let me at him and then we'll see." So God let the Devil attack Job, and he lost all of his material possessions, his riches, his land, everything, but Job was still faithful. Then the Devil wanted to attack his family. God said okay. So Job lost all of his children and was left only with a nagging wife. Still faithful. Then the Devil wanted to get at Job himself. So God let the Devil attack Job's physical body. Job did get a little upset, asking God what was going on, but he was still faithful. Because he knew that when all you have is God, you don't need anything else.

In my mind, I've always known this, but it took something like this touching my own life for me to really, intensely believe it. I know that I could lose all the things the world says I need, but if I have God on my side, I'm fine. More than fine. I've got everything.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Monday, November 7, 2011

Top Ten Jem and the Holograms Episodes

Greetings Pups,

So, about a month ago, my favorite cartoon was released in its entirety on DVD. That cartoon would be Jem and the Holograms. Yes, I am a grown up, but who cares? I still love it, and, as I've been re-watching these episodes, I've realized how complex and interesting this show was. It seems as though they really planned on keeping their fan base well into adulthood. I can say they did a wonderful job. And you can certainly see that there is, in fact, an art to slipping in "adult" subject things that will go over the heads of children. Hopefully. Yeah, that happens a lot in this show.

This cartoon tells the adventures of the band the Holograms, led by Jem, who is in actuality also their manager, Jerrica Benton, and consisting of Kimber, Jerrica's little sister, Aja, Shana and eventually Raya. With the whole Jem/Jerrica thing, you may be thinking Hannah Montana style, but go further. The persona of Jem is created by a hologram projected onto Jerrica, with the help of Synergy, an anthropomorphic computer created by her dad, which could project all kinds of holograms, and that often came in handy to get them out of certain situations. See what I mean about things being too tricky for the kids to get? Even now, I am thinking to myself that this whole thing was very complicated. But, hey, it was the 80's, the time of excess, even in our own imaginations. Anyway, besides that aspect, we are also entertained by their rivals, the Misfits, whose members include Pizzazz, Roxy, Stormer, and eventually Jetta (not their real names) and their manager Eric Raymond, who, when you think of all the shenanigans/vicious crimes they committed, should probably have been in jail for the majority of the series. Then, we had several orphans, known as the Starlight Girls, of whom Jerrica took care. Okay, I don't like to say mean things about orphans, even hand-drawn ones, but sometimes they were written as these total brats. I cannot stand that, but I'd say the good outweighed the bad enough. And, of course, there is Jerrica's technically two-timing, yet still lovable (apparently) boyfriend, Rio. Remember, girls, just because your man is cheating on you with yourself, doesn't mean it's not cheating, especially if he doesn't know the other person is also you. Okay, you really had to have to seen the show to understand that. And we also got a myriad of other characters. to whom I will probably refer in this post.

Now that you know what's up, I'll share with you my favorite episodes of this great show, since that is the task at hand today. Again, this list is best for people who know the show and the characters, but read it, whoever you are. It may pique your curiosity.

#10. "The Rock Fashion Book" - Jem and the Holograms are asked to do, you guessed it, a rock fashion book. And, you guessed it again, the Misfits try to sabotage it. Or, you know, almost straight up murder them. Not that they'll go to jail for it. Anyway, I'm guessing that this episode is probably why I watch America's Next Top Model. Although, no one on that show ever got nearly forced off a cliff by a swarm of bats. I think. That would be wild to see, though.

#9. "The Jem Jam" - Here we have one of quite a few two-episodes. Here, Jem stages a huge concert with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Tina Turner, Mick Jagger and Stevie Wonder, albeit with different names again, of course. Because...copyright? And we also get to hear some of the Starlight girls sing. Why the heck not? Also, this is also the FIRST time little Ba Nee, one of said Starlight girls, pulls a "Who's my Daddy?" And in order to make the guy she thinks is her dad prove his love, what does she do? I'll just say it involves bears at the zoo. It's called The Maury Povich Show, kid. Look into it. Oh, and a little heads up to all the guys with red hair out there, if she hasn't already, Ba Nee will most assuredly, at some point, assume that you are her father. It's a character trait of hers. Just a warning.

#8. "The Stingers Hit Town" - Another two-parter where we are introduced to one of the most egotistical and hottest characters ever drawn, Riot. Yeah, I had a crush on a cartoon character. So what? I actually think this guy is why I ended having a thing for Sawyer on Lost. Anyway, Riot is the lead singer of a new band, the Stingers, which also includes Minx and Rapture (again, not their real names). Pizzazz falls for him, he falls for Jem and they both refuse to get back up. Mayhem ensues, and it lasts far beyond this episode. And yes, The Stingers do wear a crap load of black and yellow, because...get it? GET IT?! Okay, maybe some of this show didn't go over the kids' heads.

#7. "A Father Should Be. . ." - The final episode, which should have made me sad. It kind of did, but it also gave me permission to criticize a little orphan girl. Again. Good times. The story here features the aforementioned Ba Nee, who still desperately wants to find her father. Sympathetic enough. But she actually uttered the phrase, "Everybody has a father but me!" Hello?!?!? You live in an orphanage! I'm pretty sure that's not true! But, still, this was a fitting and heartfelt finale.

#6. "The Treasure Hunt" - I won't give away too much here, but, let me just say, this episode makes sure that people know how valuable books are . . . especially if they're first editions. I love when television tells us that.

#5. "Hollywood Jem" - And yet another two part episode in which Jem is nominated for an Academy Award. Oh, no, not for a song she wrote. That would be too easy. Plus, Kimber writes the songs, so... No, she got an actress nomination. Hey, I'll buy that. This is the same decade where Pia Zadora won a Golden Globe for the same role she also earned a Razzie. Anyway, the best parts of this episode have to be all the "celebrities" who showed up. Ya know, like the "celebrities" who showed up for "The Jem Jam". Examples: Meryl Saint, Michael J. Badger and, my personal favorite, Flint Westwood. Yeah, that's right. He looked pretty darn good in cartoon form. And, thank you, show, for not beating to death a joke involving the infamous "Go ahead, make my day" line. Oh, wait. There are also these other plots of Jem making a new movie, and Kimber having trouble deciding between two guys, but then agreeing to marry one of them. So, anyway, does Jem win the Academy Award? Does her new movie get made without incident? Does Kimber go through with her wedding? Guess you'll have to watch.

#4. "Out Of the Past" - Okay, we're gonna call this a big tear-jerker episode. It still hits me right in the feels, even to this day. It's all about the Holograms finding the diary of Emmett Benton, Jerrica's and Kimber's dad, which leads us to getting a ton of backstory on the characters and finding out about their mother as well and her own music. They start a quest of sorts to track down that music and that, in turn, provides us with some seriously emotional scenes. Good times. Also, I need a tissue.

#3. "The Day The Music Died" - No, not THAT day the music died. Calm down. Where do I begin with this episode? Well, first, there's a lot of fourth wall breaking. A LOT! Right from the opening theme song. No bull crap! Basically, all the bands implode and then reassemble as something of a super-group. And all of this because my beloved Riot has to get his way. But come on. Look at him. Look at that face. He clearly deserves to get everything he wants. But perhaps not in such an untoward manner. Just a little life advice there.

#2. "Britrock" - Explosions, foxhunts, poor folks pretending to be rich, and cutely drawn boys with British accents. This episode really has it all.

#1. "Riot's Hope" - And here we have an episode centered around my animated future husband, Riot, whose real name is Rory Llewelyn, by the way. I bring that up because here we find out his back story, including his major conflicts with his strict father, his loving relationship with his sympathetic mother, and his struggles to make it as a musician. It all makes his somewhat jerky behavior seem forgivable. I guess having daddy issues can cover a multitude of sins. So can having awesome hair. Good for you, Riot, you have both.

And there they are. My Jem Top Ten. This should make people nostalgic or eager to be a first time watcher. If you don't wanna get the DVDs, there are other ways to watch it. Either way, it's Truly Outrageous! Yeah, I said it.

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oops, You Missed!

Greetings Pups,

I've been thinking lately about missed opportunities. I'll admit that I may have had a few myself, but I try my best to learn lessons from my own mistakes as well as those of others. Unfortunately, not everyone I know has managed to do this. Most of them haven't even come close.

You see, I am a person who always gives people an opportunity to do the right thing. Actually, I give them many opportunities. And all these people in my life keep passing on them. Their own arrogance has convinced them that they will never have to pay for doing things wrong. Look, I know we all make mistakes, but not all of us blatantly see what's right and go in the opposite direction . . . at about a thousand miles an hour. The really sad (for them) thing is that not until all their crimes are exposed will they even come close to feeling any guilt about them.

Now I have a book coming out soon and I had and have no choice but to write about what goes on in my life. In it and all around it. So my pen will be used to lift a veil on these perpetrators. And I'm not judging. I have simply recorded what is there, what has happened.

So if you are ever given the chance to go down the right path, take it, already!

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sink or Stand

Greetings Pups,

I was thinking about someone who wanted to buy land. They bought some, cheaply, that had a dilapidated building on it. Not only that, it was built on quicksand. Instead of tearing down the building, they painted its walls and bought some new furniture, decorated it nicely. All of that was done on the quicksand, and they were too foolish to know or care. And they will not realize that it is sinking until it's too late.

A wise person would have torn down the near rubble, put in a solid foundation and started all over, making something stronger than ever was there.

We all have to rid ourselves of the bad in order to make things good. Some people aren't wise enough to realize this, so they will continue to sink. It is those willing to do the work that will always stand. Stand and defeat.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seeing is Believing

Greetings Pups,

Recently, there was a five part series on the Current TV network called 50 Docs to See Before You Die. Since I'm someone who loves a good documentary, I had to watch, and I'm proud to say that I had seen most of them. However, putting them all together that way made me realize something. These documentary makers have truly cornered the market on stating the obvious and, sometimes, building a fortune and a career on it.

Most of these movies are about things we already know. We've heard of these stories; we know them. But it's as though it takes seeing them on film with our own two eyes for it all to really hit home. We look at it like it's all brand new and something that has never entered our minds.

I mean, think about it. We know if you mess with bears, they will mess with you back. Usually messier. We know that the Dixie Chicks are annoying and hypocritical. We know, hardcore, that if you eat McDonald's and nothing else for a month, you will get fat and have dreams about the Grim Reaper. Yet, when we watch docs like Grizzly Man, Shut Up and Sing, or Super Size Me, our mouths drop open in shock and awe.

Now I know this all sounds like I'm being very critical, but I'm actually not. On the contrary, I wish I could find a known subject and find a way to present it in a way that will amaze the public. I'm looking.

Like I said, I love documentaries, and this series was as good as one with many different subjects. So if you see it on, watch it. And, though I gave a playful jab here to him, I'll say that Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) was the perfect host for this series. I hope he does more things like this. And if he does, I'll buy him a Big Mac!

Love and Full Moons,

Becky the Writer

Monday, August 22, 2011

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Greetings Pups,

So I heard that Kim Kardashian got married over the weekend. I say, sincerely, good for her. It's rare that anyone even bothers with marriage anymore, and it's nice to see people still giving it somewhat of the respect it deserves. Although, with celebrity weddings, I bet sometimes it's about the spectacle of it all.

I must say, though, I love this idea that I heard she had about having everyone dress in black or white. WHITE! Most brides are so prissy about being the only one in that color, but not Kim. Perhaps, it was so that she would not be the only one inappropriately wearing white. I know she was the bride, but come now. What's up, Ray J?

All of that aside, she did look beautiful and she should have been the center of attention when it came the ladies. She was not. And it was all thanks to her mother, Kris Jenner. Anyone see her dress? Now, even though I know some things about fashion, I am not an expert. I get that fashion forward and ugly are often synonymous, but is a huge, HUGE bow on your chest ever not a bad idea? I'm going to that it is always a bad idea. I don't care if Kelly and Brenda on 90210 fought over a dress with that description back in the early nineties. Still hideous.

Well, now that my eyes have stopped burning, I will say congratulations again. I hope they are happy and that it lasts. So maybe they should leave the Hollywood world and get new jobs.

Love and full Moons,

Becky the Writer

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

That's Just Creepy

Greetings Pups,

Okay, I am not one to get too emotionally involved with every story that comes out of the entertainment industry, but I had to get physically involved with a recent one. I say "physically" because vomiting is a physical thing.

Some of you may have heard of an actor named Doug Hutchison (Horace, to all you "Losties" out there!) and his new bride . . . his new SIXTEEN YEAR OLD BRIDE! Oh, and he's fifty-one, by the way.

At what point does someone stop thinking that this kind of thing isn't sick anymore, long enough to do it! I've seen interviews with these two. First of all, her parents allowed it. Someone call the cops on them. Second, they kept going on and on about love this and love that. Well, in the infamous words of Detective Elliot Stabler, "That's not love; that's pedophilia".

Now some people are doubting that this girl is actually sixteen, in the spirit of bad publicity being better than no publicity. And, I'll admit it, this chick looks about forty. But these days, how little girls want to grow up at warp speed, can we really know anything by looks? I suppose the doubts are just wishful thinking by the easily disgusted.

Look, I've followed this actor's work for years, and I've always liked him. But this? I am sorry. Lines must be drawn. Do what you want, but expect backlash.

Lord, help them all.

Love and Full Moons,

Becky the Writer

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roses and Bruises

Greetings Pups,

Where do I begin? As I've mentioned, in addition to my real work as a writer, I also am forced to retain employment with the commoners. Recently at that job, things have been changing and not for the better. And here I thought it couldn't get worse.

Long story short. The business, which used to be owned by a lovely (sarcasm) little family, has now been taken over a fabulous (parenthetical repeat) corporation. And, like their predeceessor, the big corporation is already spouting the bull about how much they care about their employees. I didn't fall for it before; I won't fall for it now.

They even stuck us in a two hour+ meeting to remind us how good they're going to treat us, benefits and whatnot. Right. I'm listening to this crap while I have, sitting behind me, a man who has treated me like complete sludge for all the years I've worked there. A man who not only did they hire back after he and his family were forced out, but who got a promotion. Yeah, they LOVE me at this place.

The sad thing is I worry that the lemmings that surround me are falling for all of this. Don't get me wrong. I know a few people with some brains there who are keeping their guards up, but most, MOST, do not fit that description.

As I sat there, listening, trying not to fall asleep or spring up and curse somebody out, I realized something. My time at this place of employment has been not unlike an abusive relationship. Oh, sure, the man will bring me roses, but that's only after he beat me that day and before he continues to do it everyday as long as I stay with him. So these people show us the big picture of the benefits, but they ignore what goes on every single day. The abuse that has to be endured by myself and every person who actually does any work is sweppt so far under the rug it may never be found. Or so they think. Roses can't erase bruises, but roses have thorns. Sharp thorns, like knives.

I've seen women abused by men, often rich men, and then those ladies sometimes end up dead. I won't mention names, but I do remember the nineties. I can just imagine the kinds of things this man might say. "Here's a smack. Here's a new car. Here's a shove. Here's a diamond ring. Here's a slice across your throat." I guess after that one, there can be no more gifts given.

Nothing, NOTHING! is worth my life or my self respect. I won't sell my soul for a cheap trip to the dentist. And they may think they've won, but I'm not going to let them slit my throat first. You reap what you sow, and if you sow with the blood of others, guess what happens?

You may wonder why I'm still there. Well, it's no really up to me. And I've tried to get other jobs, but not many people will see a movie that gets a bad review. So, in the meantime, I'll have to deal with it. But, them again, it will just make my victory that much sweeter. Because I have no doubts that I will win.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It Figures

Greeting Pups,

While recently watching some new installments of VH1's Behind the Music, I was reminded of one of the worst things that can happen to a writer, in my opinion. Funny enough, many people would probably believe that it would be a good thing, but you have to look at it from every angle.

Now I wear multiple hats in the writing world. I'm a novelist, a poet, a songwriter, etc. The hope of most writers is to be able to make a living at using our gift. Just a living. Some of us don't even care if we get super rich. I'm sure. But, in the back of all of our minds, we harbor these fantasies of someone important being impressed by what we do. And when I say important, I mean, famous.

I am happy to admit it. I have these grand illusions as well. I'd love to have some celebrity come up to me and tell me they love my books. Well, anyone but Kathy Bates, of course. That might be too weird and scary. Or to have some popular singer say they want to record one of my songs would be wonderful. However, based on my life experiences, I know that the odds would let that happen, and they would let the famous person be someone . . . who I cannot stand.

Can you imagine? I can. I'd be sitting in my house and the phone would ring. I'd pick it up and be told that somebody "important" wants to sing one of my songs. Great, I'd think. Initially. Who? Oh, just some annoying, psychotic, whiny-voiced country singer (who shall remain nameless). Pass.

Or maybe it would be that some award winning actor wants to make one of my books into a movie so he could bring one of my characters to life. Great, again. And we'll get started on the film as soon as he is finished with another God-bashing rant. Pass, again.

I certainly hope that my life would never get to a point where I would compromise myself for money or fame. What does it profit a man to gain a fortune but lose his soul? Very little. So I pray that, when the phone starts ringing, the only people on the other line will be respectable and respectful ones that will make me proud to be in this family of artists.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Top Ten Law and Order: Criminal Intent Episodes

Greetings Pups,

It's been two weeks since the final episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Now there was no episode on last week and there will be no episode on tonight. So, I'm starting to think they were serious about this show going off the air. Well, so be it. I should have known. Two things proved that this show is over. One: they had a montage in that final episode. Two: I made my top ten episode list. Teardrops are falling.

This was difficult. This show was and is amazing, and we had so many great adventures with Detectives Bobby Goren and Alex Eames and all the other people. It was so hard to only pick ten, so maybe I'll do an honorable mention list someday. Until then, here are the winners.

#10. "The Faithful"(Season 1) - Here is where we first see the depths of Goren's theatricality when it comes to the interrogation room. He is the only person I think we would let get away with having that much fun with a schizophrenic, homeless guy. I'm not saying it's right; I'm just saying it's entertaining. And the donuts!? Talk about a nice blast from the past for D'Onofrio. What do you mean what do I mean? Go watch Full Metal Jacket!

#9. "Eosphoros"(Season 4) - No, I never tried to find out what that title means, but I'm sure it's relevant. For real, though, I did actually do a little research. Turns out that in Greek mythology, Eosphorus (spelled differently, but I think it's the same) is the Morning Star, which is what we also call Lucifer. Yes, there might just be a religious angle to this one. Anyway, this is a "ripped from the headlines" episode about a famous, old lady atheist who gets kidnapped and murdered. As someone who does believe in God, I venture to think she may have changed her mind about Him after the fact. Oh, and also, Frank Whaley was pretty enjoyable in this as one of the guest stars.

#8. "Untethered"(Season 7) - Over the years, many people believed that Goren should have been put away in some kind of facility for those who aren't exactly right in the mind. Because of...reasons. Well, this time, he put himself there. His intentions were noble, though, as he was trying to help out his nephew. Too bad it just made the people he worked for think he actually was crazy. Yep, it took them about seven years, SEVEN!, to figure out that he was maybe a little out of the ordinary. Don't know if I want those people in charge of the police department. In my opinion, as someone who also likes to think outside the box, strange, eccentric, even crazy is always better than dumb.

#7. "Rispetto"(Season 10) - This episode was alright, but the fact that it was the first one with Goren and Eames after over a year without them, I had to mention it. And Jay Mohr did a great job playing Charlie Sheen. No, wait! I mean, he did a great job playing a drug addict celebrity who goes insane...who is totally not Charlie all. Okay, my lawyer says I've done enough. Still... P.S. No one makes a prank phone call like Goren.

#6. "Family Values"(Season 8) - Normally, I hate anything coming out of TV or movies where a "Christian" is made to look like a psycho, but there was an actor in this episode named David Harbour who made me change my mind a bit. I know I've seen him on other episodes of this and other Law and Orders, but he was incredible here. I wasn't sure if I wanted to punch him because his character infuriated me so much or say "Hey, you should get an Emmy for this, buddy!" How about both, just for fun?

#5. "In the Wee Small Hours"(Season 5) - This is one of only a few two part episodes in the series, maybe the only one, so they had to use both the teams of Goren and Eames as well as Logan and Barek from the "other" Criminal Intent. If you're a fan, you know what I mean. All of them together made it exceptionally good, and we were reminded of what a mama's boy Goren is. Not that there's anything wrong with a single man at that age being one. Seriously, though, he's just very, very protective of her, as any good son should be. Besides all that, this episode also feature a cameo by someone from my number one episode. Stay tuned.

#4. "The Unblinking Eye"(Season 4)/"Self-Made"(Season 7) - I had to make it a tie on this one, mainly because the reason they are so good is due to an actor who is in both of them. They feature a guy named Pablo Schreiber (yes, Liev Schreiber's little bro!) who played two totally different characters. But he did both of them so well that he practically stole the show, or should I say shows. Plus, I think he was the only person ever to guest star who is taller than Vincent D'Onofrio! I know it's not much, but congratulations to him. Oh, and there's also apparently an off-screen voice cameo by Matt Damon. No lie. The first episode is about actors; the second episode is about writers. So, if I had to pick which one is better than the other, I'd go with number two, because I'm a writer and narcissist. So, there you go.

#3. "Frame"(Season 7) - Where do I begin with this episode? We start with Goren's brother biting it, then we finally become rid of his ultimate nemesis Nicole Wallace, or as I call her MoriAdler. What? People compare Goren to Sherlock Holmes all the time, and Nicole Wallace is clearly a combo of Moriarty and Irene Adler. Hence, the nickname. And then, we have Tony award winner John Glover, playing what seems to be a polar opposite of the Smallville character for which he has become best known. It seems that clothes really do make the man. And of course, we get a little crazy from Goren. Need I say more.

#2. "End Game"(Season 6) - While investigating a murderer of the past, Goren manages to dig up a few disturbing secrets from his own past. We have here the beautiful Rita Moreno returning for her final performance as Goren's mother, and Roy Scheider as the jailed serial killer. And, no, he was not imprisoned for killing a lot of sharks. That's right. Jaws humor for one and all. Can it get any better than this? Well, I guess so. This is only number two.

#1. "Sound Bodies"(Season 3) - I won't go into huge detail here, but this episode is the best because of one fine young actor who I'm sure not enough people know about, and one scene that will go down in Law and Order history. The actor is named Billy Lush who I have seen in several different roles, including my number five pick on this list, but this is his best moment. Long story short, and not to give anything away about the plot, he has to make a little trip to the interrogation room. A lot of people do; it doesn't mean they're guilty of anything. Whie he's there, as usual, Goren starts pushing buttons. Most people would back down from him at this point, and I thought this kid was going to do it. But he did not. He did not, big time. What he did was slap Goren right across the face! He slapped Vincent D'Onofrio! And he lived to tell about it. Not many people can say that. And not many people will ever forget Goren's response to that infamous slap. His response, you may ask? One word: "Ouch!" Genius!!

So there it is. It's all over. I'm sad, but thanks to reruns and DVD, this wonderful show will last forever. I certainly will miss all the great actors and the characters that they brought to life, especially my beloved Bobby Goren, who, I am convinced, is my soulmate in some parallel universe. Anyway, I just hope that now Vincent D'Onofrio will have time to make some more great movies for us all to enjoy. And if he gets bored with that and wants to return to TV, there's always SVU.

Love and full moons,
Becky the Writer

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Women : One Villain, One Hero

Greetings Pups,

So,like most people, I am still trying to get over the Casey Anthony verdict. As much as I know our legal system is flawed, sometimes things happen to make me believe we should scrap the whole thing and start over. This is one of those things. Technically, I understand reasonable doubt, but realistically, I do not understand it. I know that jurors are supposed to make decisions based on evidence alone, but, if human emotion is not supposed to be involved, why do they have human beings on juries?

Now I know some people are falling for this "It was an accident" story that she cooked up, but a real accident is not something that needs to be covered up. And guilty or not, she knew her daughter was missing when she went partying in the days that followed, and she knew her daughter was dead when she and her sympathizers popped champagne and cheered a few days ago. I'll say it again. A baby, her baby, is dead. Relief is expected, maybe even acceptable; celebration is not.

It makes me think about life decisions. If, in fact, Caylee (sorry, I can't say her daughter anymore, since she wasn't really a mother.) did drown by accident, and Casey told someone, we would have all felt a world of sympathy for her. Accidents do happen. But, as she claims, she made another choice. And since Caylee was about two when she died, if Casey would have killed her two and a half years earlier, most people would have told her she made a good decision. Most people from a West Coast state who have plenty of money, notoriety and attention and who are now condemning the verdict and what they believe she did. I say anytime for this little girl to be murdered would be wrong and a horrible occurrence.

But, as I hate to only discuss the bad, I will give out some good news about a much better woman.

I heard that in the coming days a Diane Sawyer interview with Jaycee Dugard will air. Frankly, I can't wait for that. Now, of course, I don't really want to hear all the terrible details of what she went through, but I'm sure that the more we learn, the more of a hero this brave woman will become.

It's so wonderful to see how a little girl who had to endure such a horror of an ordeal can come out of it as a beautiful, strong person. And now that she is letting the media into her life, I hope she gets as much as she can out of it financially. I know that money can't heal those wounds, but any little thing that can make her life easier, I'm all for it. I hope God blesses her and her family greatly.

Now I'm sure that both of these stories will turn into movies. Of course, like I said, I hope that Jaycee can cash in, big time. On the other hand, I pray that for once - FOR ONCE!!!! - Hollywood does the right thing when it comes to Casey Anthony. By that, I mean, I hope they do some kind of unauthorized thing without her cooperation whatsoever. Then they don't have to pay her. It all makes me think that the Son of Sam laws should be updated.

Anyway, in this crazy world, good thing happen and bad things happen. All we can do is pray that the good will somehow be able to outweigh the bad. And we all know that there is only one way for that to happen.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Legacy of Insanity

Greetings Pups,

I was reminded that today is the fortieth anniversary if Jim Morrison's death. Ironic, since just the other night I watched a documentary about one of their albums. That made me remember how talented he was. And bizarre.

Now I love the Doors and Jim. As a poet, I love anyone who has walked that same road that I do everyday. Let's be honest, though, the guy could be a little strange, maybe even insane at times. But if I think about it, he's not alone.

I've always felt like all of us artists are part of one big and very extended family. If asked if I think insanity runs in my family, I would say, as Cary Grant did in one of his best movies when asked that question, "It practically gallops." We have so many people who have been considered crazy in our community, it's almost frightening. Frightening, because I'm one of them, and I often wonder if I have inherited this legacy of insanity. Believe me, on many occasions, I have had to ask myself if I'm crazy. I rarely answer because of what that answer might be.

But as I go deeper into this, I can calm down. I've realized over time that, while I'm sure we have legitimate crazies in our midst, most of us are just misunderstood by people in the outside world. We're just special. And, not to be arrogant, but I think a lot of those people wish they could be like us, but they're not. So they have to think we're something that is often considered bad. Something like insane.
Still, I don;t worry, because it's a good thing we have a lot of supporters out there, too.

So, even if we seem crazy, as long as we can create interesting, strange, scary, beautiful things, everything is right where it should be. Thank God for that.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Hired

Greetings Pups,

Okay, I have come to the conclusion that I know what job would be perfect for me. I should be a judge on any type of show that criticizes people for their singing. Why? you may ask. Well, I believe it is in my blood. And over the passed several days, I have gotten proof.

As many of you may have heard, Amy Winehouse (emphasis on the wine) had a bit of a faux pas of a concert in Belgrade, Serbia. In short, she was drunk; they booed her off the stage. Now I have a little Serbian blood in me, and I would have joined right in with them. And this is not the first time that the people of one of my homelands has had a bit of a problem with drunken singers.

Back in '78, even before I was born, Miss Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship . . . and Starship, did a show with one of those bands in Germany. Again, drunk. Again, booed. Actually, I think this one was more of a riot, but you know how Germans are. I do, because I've got a little of that in me, too. Don't get me wrong. I've always liked Grace Slick. She's a talented lady, and she knows that if you're sixty, you shouldn't act twenty, even if you were a rock star.

And as much as I like watching drunks make fools out of themselves (don't we all), if I pay money for a ticket to a show, I better see the show I paid for. Even the boys of Oasis were kind enough to me to give me a good, incident free show when I saw them as a youngster. Come on, Ladies. Learn from the Gentlemen.

So, when the next reality singing show comes along, and you know it will, I'll take the job. I can certainly say the word "NO!" and make a good booing sound. It's apparently part of my native language.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here We Go Again . . . and Again.

Greetings Pups,

Well, well, well. Haven't these last few weeks been so entertaining? Especially if you like sex scandals! And apparently, a lot of people do. Personally, I can' take it anymore, and sadly, none of these things shock me anymore. Maybe they never really did.

Now most people would probably be surprised that I wasn't stunned by the Arnold and Maria break up. As though being married for twenty five years makes a man not be a man. Maybe I was a bit taken aback by his choice of a mistress. While I never approve of adultery, if you're going to cheat, aren't you supposed to cheat up, as they say? Not to be rude or anything, but Maria, even getting older, is a beautiful woman. So come on, man. What are doing here? Building a sex addict defense?

Then we have these Blake Lively naked pictures. I guess legally I have to say alleged Blake Lively naked pictures. It's funny how she's trying so hard to deny it, as though it will have some negative effect on her career. Hi! Does she know the industry in which she works? And as I recall, she has been getting paid for about four years to portray quite a whorish character on TV. Now suddenly she's a prude. It's not as though anyone will really judge her even if these pictures really are her. I mean, it's not like she's fat or anything. That would really offend people in Hollywood.

Finally, we have the Congressman Weiner scandal. You know, I'm a grown woman, not a junior high boy. However, when I heard there was a sex scandal with a guy named Weiner, I thought, "It's too good to be true!". Now all I really know about this one, thusfar, is that there are text messages involved. Okay, I'm not on the cutting edge of gadgets, but I'm pretty sure there is no disappearing ink app for any phone. So I think those messages don't go away. When will people learn?

Look, I know that a few people have been thrust into the spotlight for reasons beyond their control, but most choose to be there. If you choose to be a public figure, you lose some privacy. If you want the perks of celebrity, you have to take the pitfalls along with it. We all do stupid things, but, if a world full of voyeurs cares what you do, don't think your actions won't be found out. So next time one of your screw ups gets out, don't be shocked. Just go back to your mansion and weep.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Jeff

Greetings Pups,

So it seems that tomorrow is Memorial Day. Ironically, today is a day when I always remember a particular person. Sadly, I am reminded of him because of his death. That person is Jeff Buckley.

Unfortunately, I don't think many people know who he is. Certainly, not enough. He has been heard of in passing, I'm sure, and I know a lot of people who claim that they are fans because they have his cover of "Hallelujah" on their ipod. I, however, was so entranced by him that I learned as much as I could. Now I could sit here and list a bunch of facts about him, but that is not what he was about.

Jeff Buckley was all about a feeling. The feeling you get from his music, his words, his voice could overwhelm any person with a soul that appreciates art. He had such a story, such a life, and all of it could be known in one note from his mouth. I've heard him speak with that voice as well as sing, and it always sounded so soft and gentle, which was always the kind of man he appeared to be as well. It was as though he wanted to save that voice for each song. He didn't want to let us down. And he never did.

As inspiring as his life was, his death was just as tragic. I remember it well. And somehow drowning in the Misssissippi River almost seems drenched in some mythological cliche of the rock legend that he has become. A source of another writer's inspiration becoming his funeral bed is almost too much to handle. But isn't the death of someone like this always that way? I know I still cry when I think about him dying. Thankfully, he was so full of life when he was still living it and sharing it that thoughts of his death manage to be held at bay when I listen to him sing.

I could go on for so long about him, but all anyone needs to know about him they can find in his music. So if you haven't yet, find it, listen to it, REALLY listen to it, then all will be clear. And you can all mourn along with me. It's a good thing, though, that, in this case, along with the mourning comes quite a bit of joy.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Monday, May 16, 2011

Top Ten Smallville Episodes

Greetings Pups,

So the weekend is over, and I have spent the last couple of days recovering from what happened on Friday night. It was a very bittersweet event, also known as the last episode of Smallville. I was not disappointed, mostly, because one of the great loves of my life, Lex Luthor, returned after a three year absence. But I thought it was a good ending, bringing together everything, and moving us on into the future that we knew we would get to from our past Superman experiences. A very good episode, getting honorable mention, though not exactly making my personal top ten. Those ones, which were difficult to choose, I will share right now.

#10. "Red" (Season 2) - When it comes to this show, I have always been more of a Lex girl than a Clark girl. See, Clark is a good guy, which sometimes can translate into boring. Sorry. So there are moments of watching the show when we are at the Kent farm, where I yawn and think "Can we please go back to the Luthor mansion where something interesting might be happening?" In this episode, however, we are introduced to red Kryptonite, which doesn't hurt Clark or take his powers, but simply takes a way his inhibitions. In other words, it turns him into an awesomely awesome bad boy. So, after this episode, instead of requesting a change of scene venue, I could just ask for some red Kryptonite to spice things up.

#9. "Rosetta" (Season 2) - When most of us think of Superman and his legacy, our minds immediately go to Christopher Reeve. So I had to have this episode on my list. Here, Mr. Reeve is introduced as Dr. Virgil Swann, a scientist who somehow knows more about Clark's origins than anyone. The two meet and the doctor tells Clark many of the things he always wanted to know about himself, including, I think, his real name. Even though Christopher Reeve died a few years later after one more appearance, this character plays a huge part in years that followed. So it was an excellant introduction. And if you get the DVD, give this one a whirl with the commentary going. Oh, my poor, sweet Kristin Kreuk. Those boys barely let you get a word in! But we still love you.

#8. "Labyrinth" (Season 6) - I usually hate when shows steal ideas from other shows, which is what kind of happened here. Still, it's so good, it must be counted. Clark is locked in a mental institution having everyone tell him he is not a hero, but crazy. (Hello! Buffy, season six, "Normal Again". I guess James Marsters wasn't the only thing Smallville snatched up.) Anyway, he escapes, only to find the world outside is way lopsided. His mother is married to Lionel Luthor, Lana is living at the farm and in love with Clark, and, the best part, Lex pulls a Lt. Dan being in a wheel chair with no legs and blaming Clark for it! Only Chloe believes Clark's "delusions", but she's nuts, too. Another good thing here is that we meet the Martian Manhunter for the first time, and he is a big help in setting everything straight again.

#7. "Pilot" (Season 1, Duh!) - I had to mention this one. It was an amazing opening to such a great show. The effects and the story were both extremely well done, not to mention the actors. And, of course, we have the iconic meeting of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, which leads them to being best friends, then best enemies with best frenemies in between. Such good frenemies, in fact, that I'm surprised Gossip Girl wasn't a spinoff of this show.

#6. "Absolute Justice" (Season 9) - I can't believe I have an epsiode that doesn't include Lex, but it was so good, I had to do it, for a lot of reasons, but mainly one - Hawkman! But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is actually something of a two part episode, which is why I think it's the only one that has a two word title. Anyway, we get to meet some new superhereos, Hawkman, as I mentioned, (played by the amazing Michael Shanks)Stargirl, Dr. Fate, and a little villian called Icicle (this one led to the problem of bad jokes like, "I'm gonna turn that icicle into slush". No, thank you.) But it was very interesting as we learned of the Justice Society, which is like the Justice League but not quite, in a silent montage as we go through their home/headquarters. As a writer, I really love this episode, because the story is absolutely brilliant.

#5. "Arctic" (Season 7) - This is actually considered somewhat of a final episode for me, because it is the last one featuring Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. It culminates with a standoff between Lex and Clark in the Fortress of Solitude of all places. Lex now knows everything about Clark and accuses him of not being a good friend because he didn't trust him enough to tell him the truth. In fact, he thinks Clark is a danger to the whole world and believes that he can save everyone by destroying his one time best friend and, in a way, brother. It gives us a good taste of what would become of them in the future.

#4. "Truth" (Season 3) - I like episodes where someone other than the MAIN main characters gets center stage. In this case, it's Chloe, one of Clark's best friends who wants to be more. After a trip to a Luthor Corp facility, she is infected with something green(I wonder), and when she asks people questions, they are forced to tell her the truth, a dream come true for a reporter. She exposes a teacher's criminal past, the fact that Lex wants his father to love him, and that Lionel Luthor killed his parents. She thinks these things are good info, but it leads to trouble. Trouble out of which, ultimately, Clark has to get her. Hats off to my girl Allison Mack for her work in this one.

#3. "Spirit" (Season 4) - End of high school means graduation and, of course, prom, which brings in girls obsessed with being prom queen. This is no different in Smallville. We have a girl who really, REALLY wants to be queen, but she dies. This doesn't change things, because her spirit still wants that crown. She hops from body to body with that goal in mind. She even possesses Martha Kent, which gives us one of the funniest scenes in the shows history.

#2. "Transference" (Season 4) - Again, I hate thievery (Buffy, season 4, "Who Are You?"). However, this one was done so well, it had to be included. Lionel Luthor is in jail, and, with the help of some magical device, he wants to switch bodies with Lex, his own son, who put him there. Through a series of misteps, it is Clark who does the switch. Now what happens is what one would expect. Lionel discovers and enjoys all of Clark's powers, and Clark finds out some devastating info about Lionel. I must say, though, what makes this episode so great are the performances of Tom Welling and John Glover. Both of them absolutley nailed each other's mannerisms and speech. They were both phenomenal. Pay special attention to a scene between Martha and who she thinks is Clark, remembering that Lionel has always had a thing for her. A little creepy, but also hilarious.

#1. "Shattered" (Season 3) - There are many movies that make me not trust/hate the Oscars. This, my favorite episode, is one that makes me not trust/hate the Emmys. It has the most amazing performance by Michael Rosenbaum, and considering what a great actor he is, that is saying a lot. In a perfect world, he would have seven Emmys for each of his years on Smallville, but there you go. Here, Lex Luthor begins to behave in a way that makes many people question his sanity. Ultimately, after witnessing Clark using his powers and trying to convince people of what he saw, his father has him committed. The final scenes are breathtaking and, yes, Emmy worthy, for both Rosenbaum and John Glover. But I guess the best they will get is a top spot on my list. I hope they appreciate it.

And so, after ten years, this show has come to an end. It was interesting and entertaining and, despite what people may say about "shows like this", it showcased some of the finest actors and writers to ever be involved in television. Let's all pray for a spinoff. I'm hoping for a little Superman/Batman something in our future. Fingers and capes crossed.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Monday, May 9, 2011

Try a Little Harder

Greetings Pups,

As I mentioned before, in addition to my real work, I also have a job that lets me pass myself off as one of the commoners. And, of that job, I have merely a precious few good things to say. Very well. I can say nothing good about it. Many people may call me ungrateful for the job I have, but that's not entirely true. I do thank God for all the things He gives me, the good and the bad, because I know there is a purpose behind it all. So I'm certain that His putting me in a place where I am so remarkably mistreated is going to bring about something good. I certainly write much about it, which is what I will do now, by sharing a fun, little incident.

A few days ago, I received my paycheck, if it can be called that. Yet again, I was not paid for the work I did. Now I don't mean that to say they don't pay me by the hour what I should be making, although, that is true. No, there was money missing from the check, and, as you may have gathered, it is not the first time.

Should I be shocked by this turn of events? No, not at all. These people hate me. And why not? The world is replete with inhabitants who are so insecure that they despise those who are above them in the ways that are important. Despite how it may appear under present circumstances, my assigned rung on the ladder is at penthouse level while theirs is sub-basement.

I must say, though, it's not the crime itself that troubles me. It is the manner in which it is carried out that gives me problems. How can anyone be so sloppy? Honestly, it's sad, almost. Pathetic, really. And to be so uncreative? As an artist, I take much offense to that. If you are going to do something like this TO ME, please, just spice it up a little. Give me something to which I can respond. I just want to point my finger at these people and say, "Come on now! You are so embarrassing! YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO EVERYONE!"

But these people aren't going to change until someone makes them do it. Unfortunately, for them, I have better things to do. Now I always say that the worst mistake anyone can make is to choose to have me for an enemy. I believe that, but, one day, they are going to cross the wrong person. By "wrong person" I mean someone just like me who doesn't not have the Lord pulling back on her reins. My pen is my weapon, but other people have ones that are sharper.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Friday, May 6, 2011

Some People

Greetings Pups,

I recently saw a DVD of one of Tyler Perry's plays, Madea's Big Happy Family. The play, not the movie. Now anyone who is an admirer of Mr. Perry's knows that his plays are usually longer than his movies, and they contain a lot more dialogue. As a writer, I appreciate that. Also, many times in the plays people, okay, HE goes off script. That's fine, because that is when the real wisdom starts shining through, and if you listen, you can learn a lot.

Now "some people" are major haters of Mr. Perry. I'm not going to mention names, because I won't sink to their level this time. But they know who they are. Particularly, one little man with a great big mouth knows who he is, but we're not going to be rude. Right?

"Some people" seem to think that Mr. Perry is making everyone in his race look like a fool, because he writes funny things for them to say. "Some people" seem to think that, because he doesn't want to pretend that certain types of people don't exist, he thinks they are all the same and a shame. And "some people" seem to think that because he points out the problems AND gives a solution, then he is the worst kind of man that he could ever be.

Well, let me tell you something. "Some people" need to put the shut to the up! - (Madea-ism!)

Look, I am tired of everyone complaining about everything that's wrong in society and making movies about all those things and never even trying to offer up any solution. It's like they need something about which to complain, or they just shrivel up and die. They're always whining about how the world owes them so much because of where they grew up or what their parents did or didn't do. No mention of hard work and changiing your life for the better for yourself. Listen up. The world doesn't owe any of us anything and neither does God. He never owed us what He chose to give us, but He did it anyway. Mr. Perry know this, but I guess "some people" don't.

I'll say this, and it's only my opinion. But I bet that the ones who criticizes him the most are the ones who haven't even bothered to watch and listen to any of the work that this man has done. If they had, they would never criticize someone who tells people, whatever color they may be, to pull up their pants and get a real job, and don't sell dope, and take care of their children, and have respect for their elders, and keep God first in their life, and never, ever give up on their dreams. Now how is anyone going to say that a man who says these things, either in a serious way or a humorous way, is a man who is bringing down his entire race. They shouldn't, and that's my point.

I don't know. Maybe "some people" need everything and everyone to be a mess, selling dope and abandoning their children and disrespecting everyone, because, otherwise, they wouldn't have anything about which to make movies!

So, like I said, I won't mention the names of anyone I was talking about here. I'll just say Mr. Perry's name, because, whether what he does is your thing or not, you have to respect a man who wants to use all of his blessings to bless others any way he can. And, because of that, I'm certain that God will continue to bless him. I can't think of many people who deserve that more.

And if my "some people" bit got annoying, imagine how "some people" make me feel.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Ten Commandments - Movie Review

Greetings Pups,

So, last night, I was delighted when I turned on the TV and saw that my favorite movie was going to air. That movie would be The Ten Commandments. Despite the fact that I think anyone who hasn't seen this movie is very, very sad, I will happily share my review with those who have not seen it and those who have.

This movie was made in 1956, and it's nearly four hours long. I know those two facts are enough to turn a lot of people off, especially the youngsters, but, doubt me not, you will be entertained by what I consider the greatest film of all time. I may only feel that way because it was the only night of the year I was allowed to stay up passed my bedtime. But I bet the awesome special effects have something to do with it, too. This will be a review, of course, but I have a lot of story to take you through. I just have to do it, because it really is so rich, I want to share as much as I can. So bear with me.

We are taken on the journey of Moses, from birth to death, which is probably why it takes so long. We see his mother set him on the Nile River to spare him from Pharoah's edict to kill all the male children, See, he's scared, rightfully so, that one of them will deliver the Isralite slaves to freedom. And since good help is hard to find, this is his extremely humaine idea to take care of this problem. Humaine, and a bit misogynistic, if you ask me. Hello! Just the boys? A girl could have gotten them out of there, too. In theory, anyway. I'm not trying to be sacrilegious. Ironically, Moses is saved by the Pharoah's daughter, a princess. If she was only a self-proclaimed princess, this is how I imagine Angelina's adoptions always go. Anyway, he is raised as a prince of Egypt, and he grows up to be Charlton Heston. Now the new Pharoah, the one who didn't try to kill him, actually is leaning towards having Moses be the successor to the throne. And this is instead of his own son, Ramses, played by Yul Brynner, who is actually one of the only people who looks like he could possibly come from Egypt. A little. While the two guys fight for the throne, they are also fighting for the love of Nefretiri, the future queen, whether she likes it or not. I guess she's like a package deal with the throne. She's like the fries that come with a combo meal. But when she's as gorgeous as Anne Baxter, any guy will throw down for that.

We also meet a lot of amazing characters, some actual, historical people, some . . . I don't really know. We have Joshua, of course, played by John Derek, quite possibly one of the best looking men to ever exist. Side note: I can't tell you how wrong I feel kind of crushing on a Bible character. So wrong! He's got a little lady named Lilia, again another gorgeous actress. This time it's Debra Paget. These are two of the good guys. The bad dudes are Vincent Price as Baka, and Edward G. Robinson as Dathan, a total traitor to his own people. And may I add that every one of the guys here has a thing for Miss Debra, and who can blame them?

So, thanks to some big mouth servant, who Nefretiri takes out, as in kills, Moses finds out that he's actually a Hebrew and his family are slaves. Bummer! He decides to go out and work with them. He does it, but he ends up killing Vincent Price as a little side activity. All of this gets back to the pharoah, including the fact that Moses is apparently this deliverer that everyone feared or hoped was coming. This is something that everyone believes except Moses himself. It all makes Pharoah a little upset. So he kicks Moses out and erases his name from everything, even the pyramids, I think, which I bet is hard to do. And they send him to the desert. A little harsh.

After some wandering, Moses runs into some Beduins, where he meets his future wife, Sephora, again, gorgeous. And it's Yvonne DeCarlo, a.k.a Mrs. Munster. Now this is when Moses heads up to Mount Sinai, which they're really not supposed to do because God lives there. Yeah, I know. It's where we get the whole burning bush thing, where God tells Moses that he has to go and free the slaves, and Moses is like, "Excuse me?" So he comes down from the mountain, with gray hair now, which freaks out the wife a bit, grabs his brother Aaron and off they go to Egypt.

In Egypt, they find that Ramses is now Pharoah, married to Nefretiri and father to a little boy. Duh! What was Moses expecting? So this is where we begin the fun game called Moses - " Let my people go!", Pharoah - "No!", Moses - "Here's a plague", Pharoah - "Okay, you can go", Moses - "There goes the plague", Pharoah - "Nevermind". Moses - "Here we go again". It's a long title, but it's worth it. Anyway, after the worst plague, the firstborn dying one, Pharoah actually lets them go for real. But he says it really mean, like he's mad at Moses. He even throws something. Whatever! I get that his son died, but, hey buddy, you could have said leave and meant it after the frogs. You brought this on yourself.

So all the slaves leave, and there are a lot of them. That must have taken a lot of organization. Anyway, when they're a good way into their trip, back at the palace, Ramses is all mad and his wife, who is mad at Moses for not hooking up with her, basically insults his manhood enough to convince him to go after Moses and the Israelites, and kill Moses. He's like "Alright" and goes.

Now comes the best part. The former slaves get to the Red Sea, and it's a big sea. Everyone's thinking 'What are we gonna do?'. Bam! Up goes the water, nice dry land for everyone to walk on. Let's get a move on. But about halfway through -uh oh!- here comes the pharoah and his army. They chase after the Israelites, who had a headstart, so they get across first. Then, whoosh goes the walls of water. Goodbye, Egyptians.

But we're not done yet. Calm down, though, we're almost there. Here's where everyone gets annoying. So Moses goes up the mountain to get the Ten Commandments for everyone. Apparently, he stays up there for too long, because all the people decide to build a golden calf to worship, instead of God. Yeah, the people who God just saved decide He's taking too long. It's crazy. But we didn't get the fruits of the spirit, one of them being long suffering, until the New Testament. Anyway, we've got Dathan egging them on, and how he bamboozled his way into leaving Egypt with everyone else, I'll never know. We've got Aaron, brother of Moses, building the dang idol, because everyone pushes him to do it. Hello! Weak under peer pressure much! They even try to sacrifice Lilia! What? Always the pretty girls. So then, good timing, here comes Moses with the Ten Commandments, including the one about no graven images. What a coincidence! He's a little mad, so he throws the stone tablets down at the idol, and then, fire galore. It's awesome to behold. This should teach everyone two things: obey God and be patient.

The film ends with a few of the characters way older after all the desert wandering, deciding what to put in the Ark of the Covenant. Then Moses walks off into the sunset or whatever, and the credits roll. And so ends the best movie ever.

I know I said a lot, and I'm pretty sure I didn't forget anything important, but watch it anyway. It is so worth it. It's beautiful and lyrical and Biblical, when they manage to be accurate. So I say, thank you, Mr. DeMille. You, sir, are a legend.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sometimes It's What's on the Outside That Counts, Too

Greetings Pups,

I know that in the past I have complained about how people around me have chosen to raise their children. I have found it troubling the way that many parents have no interest in bringing forth a generation of wise and intelligent people. I still feel this way, but I was recently reminded that, while it is important to take notice of what is inside your child's head, it is also important to value the head itself. Let me explain.

The other day I was in a grocery store and, from a distance, I saw a mother (and I use that term loosely!) with a small child, maybe two years old in her shopping cart. The mother walks away, leaving the child alone, not seated in the proper area of the cart, and certainly not safely strapped in. I turn away in disgust. The next sound I hear is a thud that would sicken anyone who believes that children should have someone watching them. I look back to find a screaming child, bleeding from the head. Guess what happened? Genius!

Now in my line of work, all lines actually, I have been enabled to observe the extremely horrible parenting skills of so many people. Look, it's a simple solution. If you want to have a child, be a parent, which is someone who is supposed to protect and look after the child, then be that. If you want someone that you can ignore or toss around like a rag doll, then get the flippin' rag doll and stop abusing actual human beings with your neglect and selfishness.

I will end with this story. Many years ago I used to watch a show called Dinosaurs. It told the tales of the Sinclair family who were, you guessed it, dinosaurs. In one episode, we discover that the parents actually had to have parenting licenses, which could be revoked if they were bad parents. I know that this show was primarily targeted to a younger audience, but this idea is about as brilliant as it gets. I understand that many good parents can have different ideas about how to parent, but they are many universal things on which I'm sure everyone can agree.

So watch your kids, teach your kids, or don't do the thing that makes you have kids. How simple are those instructions?

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Monday, April 18, 2011

Flix or Fix

Greetings Pups,

Let me start off by saying that, in all my time as a member of the Netflix family, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love getting to see movies that I otherwise would not have been able to see, and each time I call with some problem, the staff is always very kind and very helpful. Having said that, I must move on to the bad news.

Okay, it's not that bad, but I do have two complaints, one that annoys me and one that merely makes me uncomfortably curious.

Worse news first. For those of you who partake in the Netflix experience, you know that there are different levels to membership where you can get a certain number of DVDs out depending on how much you're willing to pay. I am currently on the "three out at a time" plan. However, on occasion, I have four of them in my possession. The Netflx people are aware of this and the question is posted on my page "Why do you have an extra DVD?"

Alright, now there are two ways you can take this question. An optimist would say that they are asking in the way of "Why do you have an extra DVD? Well, click here and we'll tell you about the mishap". I, on the other hand, a person who is constantly paranoid that everyone is after her, take the question a bit differently. In my mind, they are being a bit vicious with me, like "Why do you have an extra DVD? Who do you think you are?!". So therefore my response to why I have and extra DVD is "Hello! You sent it to me." I'm sure they're actually doing this in the nice kind way, but that's just me. I get annoyed quite, quite easily.

The second thing does not really annoy me, but just makes me wonder. Netflix often asks the customers to rate movies they have seen, and, based on that, they make other movie suggestions. Great. I have actually rented several films based on their suggestions, and it usually makes sense. They'll tell me that since I like The Ten Commandments, I might like Ben-Hur. Perfectly logical. But every now and then, I have no idea what leads them to inform me about certain movies.

It's odd sometimes. They'll say something along the lines of I might enjoy Pee Wee's Playhouse reruns because I gave Full Metal Jacket a good rating. I feel as though I must play a game of Six Degrees of Separation to figure this out. So the process for this one would be that Full Metal Jacket featured an actor named Adam Baldwin, who did a stint in the TV show Angel, which was a spinoff from the TV show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, which was based on the movie of the same name, which featured a guy named Paul Reubens, more commonly known as Pee Wee Herman, who had a show called Pee Wee's Playhouse. Yeah, that was a long trip, but it was worth it, and I think I made my point.

So, to the fine folks at Netflix, thank you for the great service, but light a fire under the people in your suggestions department, because it's just getting too hard.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stranger Than Fiction - Movie Review

Greetings Pups,

So today, April 15th, is my birthday. I am constantly reminded by people that it is also tax day, and, of course, they say it as though they think no one has ever said that to me before. Sad. I, however, would rather be reminded that I share a birthday with someone in Hollywood, Emma Thompson. So, in honor of her, I will tell you about one of my favorite movies starring this fine actress, Stranger Than Fiction.

This film is about a man named Harold Crick,(Will Ferrell in a not so typically comedic role) an IRS agent who loves numbers. In other words, the most boring man you will ever meet. One day as he brushes his teeth, he begins to hear a voice in his head describing his every move.

Naturally, he's a little curious about what's going on, but when this voice eventually says that he is going to die, he becomes desperate for an answer to what's going on. So he enlists the help of Professor Jules Hilbert, played by Dustin Hoffman, who doesn't seem that freaked out at all. Although, with the eccentricity of his character, it's not surprising.

We soon find out that the voice in his head is that of a real author named Karen Eiffel, Emma Thompson's character, who is writing, or rather trying to write a novel with Harold Crick as the main character. Her dilemna? She doesn't know how to kill him, because, in her books, someone always dies. She does not enlist the help of Penny, played by Queen Latifah, but, instead, has this woman forced upon her by the publisher who has a deadline to be met, to assist her in finishing the novel.

In the meantime, Harold is sent to audit a very hippie-like bakery owner, Anna Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhall). She obviously wants to make his life miserable and nearly succeeds, until they begin to see things in each other that they never thought they would find.

Eventually, Harold, thanks to the professor, discovers who this author is and tries desperately to find her. He hopes that she'll be compassionate enough to change the ending of her novel and let him live the life that is finally starting to look promising to him.

I can't really say anymore without ruining the story, but this is one of those movies that can be difficult to describe and really needs to be seen. It is a great movie though, especially if you enjoy actors stepping out of their typical comfort zone of roles. You'll also love it if you love movies about writers, which I do.

So happy birthday, Emma Thompson. I hope everyone sees your movie, and why are you so much older than me, but look so much better?

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't Judge a Box By Its Cover . . . A Voice Box That Is

Greetings Pups,

Even after all these years and long since the "new" has worn off, I still find myself tuning in to American Idol, even if only in passing. If there's one good thing that the show has done, it has revealed to everyone that, no matter how open minded and non-judgmental they claim to be (I'm talking to you, Liberals!), they actually are not that way.

I don't put myself on a pedastal here. I have watched would be contestants walk in and I've said, "No, not gonna be good" based solely on their appearance. Although, many times I hope they are good, if for no other reason than to prove that whole "The Lord giveth; the Lord taketh away" thing. You'd think I and all of us would have caught on by now.

Have we learned nothing from the past? Did our parents and grandparents not tell us tales of the first time they heard Jim Nabors aka Gomer Pyle belt out a tune in that beautiful baritone of his? That must have been a good shock for them. Not unlike how those of us in this generation received a kick in the pants when we watched (and listened) to the new movie Tangled. Who knew that Zachary Levi, Chuck from Chuck, had such an amazing singing voice? Although, when he sang at the Oscars, he was the one who looked shocked. Shocked, stiff, completely comatosed, whatever. Hey, even the funniest, most outgoing people have a right to get nervous singing in front of Jeff Bridges and Nicole Kidman. Oh, and a billion people on TV. I'll leave him alone now. Besides, I'm getting off track.

I'll close by saying how pleased I am that God has chosen to spread the wealth when it comes to things like looks and talent. So remember, even if someone has a face that could break a mirror, don't rule out the fact they might also have a voice that could hit a high E above middle C that might break some glass, too. In a good way.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Self Defense is Always Justified

Greetings Pups,

So I've always thought that the only thing that could make Dirty Harry better would be if he had a Southern accent. The good kind, not the annoying kind. And much to my thrill, the folks at FX decided to start airing a show called Justified. Anyone who has seen this show and the character of Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens will know that I got my wish.

But, hot guys with guns aside, I have learned quite a bit from that show. Mostly about, ironically, justice. I also acquired a new life motto to add to my list of so many. As I watched an episode, a man asked "Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens, would you shoot me if you had the chance?". The response - "You make me pull, I'll put you down." And that response is my choice of motto.

I do many types of work in my life, but I am forced to have one heinous job. Now I could go into detail about that job, but I am in no mood at the moment to speak of things such as adultery, racism, mocking of the handicapped, statutory rape, or pedophilia, all things I have to say are alleged, or so my lawyer tells me, since I have no videos. I can, however, speak of the crimes that have been committed against me.

I am a queen, a goddess if you will, as are many women, and yet they treat me as though I am as much a part of the rabble as they are. I test them to see how they will react to requests I give to please make lowlife cretins refrain from speaking to me in an inappropriate manner. They fail each time, and it so sad . . . for them. I have given so many chances for them to do the right thing. They have tossed all those chances aside. Now justice must be served.

I know, I know. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. And I agree. I have to do so; it's the Bible. But justice is open season. Truth must be revealed and, as a loyal follower of it, I am happy to comply. And the truth hurts when you have chosen to be on the opposite side of it. All those people who have chosen to become my enemy are also enemies of the truth. And so it, along with my words, are the weapons with which I will fight. Fight back, I should say, because, after all the attacks, it's about time I defended myself.

And so, they made me pull. Guess what happens next?

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Choosing to Not be Single

Greetings Pups,

As I did a little browsing on itunes, a question popped into my head. Does anyone even try to make albums anymore? I'll admit, in certain cases, being able to buy one song at a time can be convenient and inexpensive, but is that what should really be important when it comes to something that is supposed to be called art?

Wasn't there a time when creating an album was something that could be difficult, yet extremely rewarding? And I'm not talking about sales. It was that way because people used to pour their entire life into what they were making. It seems as though all people do when puting together a collection of music these days is make sure that there are at least three songs that are passable enough to be put out as singles and videos. The rest is filler, crappy songs that are only there to be there. What happened to an album being an expression of someone's heart and soul, not their expression to want to buy a bigger house?

I seem to remember so many stories of the great Brian Wilson pushing himself to the brink of insanity in order to create a masterpiece that he could share with the world. That is what creating art should be like. It is literally a person shedding their own blood, sweat and tears to carry out what they were put in this world to do. I just hardly ever see that these days.

I, myself, have written three albums, and I am currently working on my fourth. All of them have a theme, a concept, if you will. I have created stories, and each song is needed. To take one out would be like taking out a chapter of a book and expecting it to still make sense. They could each stand alone, but why would they want to do so?

I'm trying not to be critical, but I just demand greatness from anyone who dares to call themself an artist. It takes so much more than what the world has been requiring lately. So if you would like to be a part of this family that I have worked most of my life of which to be worthy, then let's get to work, already!

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's What You Say and How You Say It

Greetings Pups,

Not to sound arrogant, but I love big words. I also love people who speak with some elegance and articualtion. Unfortunately, in many areas of my life, I am deprived of such things. Strangely enough, I am mostly surrounded by adults. I believe that at a certain point that we all must learn to speak as though we have been endowed with some intelligence. I realize, of course, that many people have not been given such a gift, and they must learn to try and fake it.

I can't hold everyone completely responsible for how they choose to converse with the rest of the world. I cannot, because I hear the way that they speak to children. It is most likely the way they were spoken to when they were children. I don't demand that we go into the four syllable bank when speaking to a toddler, but there is also no need to speak to a ten year old like they just got out of diapers either. I don't speak to children often, but, when I do, I speak to them with some respect and in a manner that let's them know that I believe they have a brain. I think they enjoy that, and I think they will learn and remember that the way a proper adult, like myself, speaks to them is the way a proper adult should speak. Oh, and I also prefer to not look like I have mental issues while speaking to a child, though most people don't seem to mind it all that much.

I'm not certain if this is or if I can even give a full explanation as to why this issue bothers me. Perhaps, it is because of what I have to deal with when I speak to so-called adults. I do many things in life, but one of my jobs requires me to be around many people who cannot put together full sentences and who have a vocabulary of about twenty-five words. I am forced each time I go there to dumb myself down, and it is painful. I mean, I once let the word "steatopygic" slip from my mouth. I thought I was going to have to clean up an exploded head.

So please, do not put the responsibilty of raising an intelligent generation all on my shoulders. When you speak to children, remember that they have minds that need to be nourished. And if you need to get something to feed them and your personal banks have dried up, try the dictionary.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Friday, February 18, 2011

Trying to Understand

Greetings Pups,

I was thinking today about why God loves us so much. More specifically, I was wondering why He loves me so much. As I look back on my life, the mistakes light up like destinations on a map. Everyday I mess up. Everyday I struggle to keep my faith strong. That's a difficult thing to do when attacks are constantly coming from the opposite side. I've got the Devil and all the people who follow him trying to tell me that I'm unworthy of any kind of love, especially God's love. On my own, I could never push them away, so I thank God that He makes sure I never fight alone. As long as I obey Him and honor Him everyday, He will see me through every trial I'm facing now and every one I will ever face. I know that He only lets me GO through these times because He knows I will GET through them. He loves me enough to refine me in the fire, knowing that I will come out so much better on the other side. If I remember that, I can never look at my struggles as anything other than a blessing. And all the things I ask Him for in prayer, because I believe, I will receive. Isn't faith a wonderful thing?

Love and full Moons,

Becky the Writer

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lie, Cheat and Steel . . . Yes, Steel . . .With an E!

Greetings Pups,

Well, it is Superbowl Sunday. I will assume that many people will be bowing before the altar a.k.a the television and worshipping their idols a.k.a. the athletes/criminals. Yeah, I said criminals. What of it?

As I've said before, I am currently living in a place extremely close to Pittsburgh, so you can imagine how difficult this week has been for me. During a losing year for the local sports teams, it gets bad enough, but being bombarded with so much paraphernalia when they're winning is enough to make someone want to vomit. Well, someone with intelligence, not to mention morals.

Forgive me, or don't, but I'm good at spotting guilty people, even when they say they're not. And, despite denial after denial, I still hold fast to my opinion that Pittsburgh's football team has a rapist on the roster. It seems, however, that I am the only one who feels this way, at least, among the people I've come across. Seriously, I haven't seen this much exultation for a sex offender since the Michael Jackson memorial. Yes, I thought he was guilty, too.

I have people close to me, whom I love very much, that were past victims and current survivors of such crimes. Therefore, I have a personal stake in seeing that all of these perps and pervs get the justice they deserve. Let's just say some people are lucky I don't have the title D.A. in front of my name.

Look, do whatever you want, people. Have your parties, watch your game, but while you do so, remember something. If it was your daughter, sister, mother or friend that had to suffer any kind of assault from a man, I'm guessing your cheers wouldn't be so loud.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Thursday, January 20, 2011

By Faith

Greetings Pups,

Has anyone ever heard a doctor or a scientist of some sort on TV being asked if he believes in miracles? The basic response tends to be something like, "I'm a man of science; I don't believe in miracles". It's as though they think God and science are exact opposites.

On the other hand, I've seen many people of science spending their careers trying to prove that things like miracles or stories from the Bible are real. I suppose that's fine, if that's your cup of tea, but this kind of thing has always bothered me.

Call me crazy, and most people would, but I choose to believe the Bible and what's in it, just because. It's that faith thing you're always hearing about. I don't really need tangible proof to believe that God exists. All of that just seems like it's for people whose faith is weak. And on top of that, the scientists always use the strangest examples.

I could go down a long list of those, but I choose to use my favorite example, which could be brought on by the fact that my favorite movie is The Ten Commandments. Everyone has always been trying to come up with explanations for the plagues. They're valid, but I've never heard of plagues being so specific as to when they appear and disappear. No, I've never heard lice say to frogs, "Move along, boys, it's our turn." And I have never heard the Angel of Death say to darkness over Egypt, "Step off. It's time for the finale." Sorry, I just haven't.

And apparently, it's pretty windy around the Red Sea. So much,that all the water can be blown up, the ground under the water can dry, so that all the freed slaves can cross. Oh, but it's only that windy for the amount of people in that group. It must have been a coincidence that when the Pharoah's boys headed in, the wind got super tired and let the water fall back down. Oops!

And, of course, we have the burning bush. They say that some plants in that part of the world have some kind of oil in them that makes them burst into flames but not burn up. Okay, makes sense. And what plants have something in them to make them talk to people. Moses lived in a really hot area, so things on fire probably didn't concern him too much. The talking thing, though. Yesh, I think that's what might have freaked him out more.

Look, I don't know why we can't just take God on His word. He's never lied to us, and He never will. It's called faith, people. Try it some time.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For Maurice

Greetings Pups,

I wanted my first blog of the year to be about something special and important. Few things are more special and important than paying tribute to someone whom I have greatly admired and whom I miss dearly. That person would be Maurice Gibb and today is the day he passed away, eight years ago.

Most people know Maurice Gibb as one third of the Bee Gees, and I'm sure he was always very proud to be that. But, sadly, I think he was the one that people knew the least about, especially if they weren't followers the way I had always been. While it seems that throughout the career of the Bee Gees, it was Barry and Robin who were the focal points, Maurice's contributions were undeniable and incomparable.

I hate to use the word "genius" on anyone after I've seen what can happen to the recipients, but if I was going to call one of them a genius, it would be him. Though his steps up to the mic as a soloist were few and far between, Maurice's musical abilities, vocally and instrumentally, were amazing. I wish more people gave him the credit he deserved,

On a more personal note, I think he was, to put it simply, a gret guy. Of course, he had some issues and problems in his life, as we all do, but as far as I can see everyone who knew him, loved him. He had a beuatiful wife and wonderful kids who grew up to be extremely talented as well, carrying on his passions for life and music. And, no doubt, he is greatly missed by his brothers, who will continue on while misssing a part of themselves.

I am always saddened by the fact that I never got to meet him and thank him for being such an inspiration to me. As a writer and as a person. Maurice Gibb and his family taught me that, if you are meant to do something, never give up on it, no matter what. And, though it is difficult at times, I never have. I never will.

Love and full moons,

Becky the Writer